Announcing the MAKE magazine eBook Archive!

Announcing the MAKE magazine eBook Archive!
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We are thrilled to announce that you can now download MAKE in PDF format from the Maker Shed! Every volume of MAKE is loaded with exciting projects that help you make the most of the technology in your life. MAKE is a celebration of your right to tweak, hack, and bend technology to your will. And now, you can take that party with you on whatever device supports PDF!

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The PDF version of MAKE is available for only $9.99, and our 4-volume annual box sets are just $35.99. This is a great opportunity to pick up hard-to-find or out-of-print back issues. You did keep your copy of MAKE Volume 06, right? It’s one of our most popular issues, but sadly, it’s out-of-print! Well, now’s your chance to get it in a no trees-were-harmed digital format!

11 thoughts on “Announcing the MAKE magazine eBook Archive!

  1. unigamer says:

    I take it the PDFs are the same as the ones you can download from Make-Digital if you’re a subscriber? They’re not formatted in any special way or anything?

  2. says:

    If I subscribe, the magazine is $9.99 for 4, or around $2.50 an issue. Yet you want $9.99 for a single issue from the archive? That’s as expensive as a printed copy of the magazine.

    I’ve bought multiple O’Reilly e-books, but this pricing is madness.

    1. unigamer says:

      yeah the pricing is bizarre, I feel sorry for anyone that pays $200 for the complete set when as a subscriber I can download them all for free.

      I’m not complaining about the ability to download PDF’s of all the issues for free, it’s great and really good value. It’s one of the things I really like about Make. Maybe I’ve come to expect such good value as the norm but please don’t remove that feature!

  3. Ultan says:

    The price is too high, but meta.ath0 is wrong about the regular pricing – newsstand price is $10/issue. The ad at the top of the page offers 5 issues of Make for $30 and the ad at the bottom of the page offers 4 issues for $35. (?!)

    Also see the comments on Mark Frauenfelder’s post on BoingBoing advertising the back issues. Nearly everyone seems to think the pricing is too high.

    [In other news, at least the Movable Type and OpenID logon options seem to be broken for this site, I had to register here – which sent me another MT confirmation (even using the same user name as my original MT developer account). It doesn’t accept a Google profile page as an OpenID URL, either.]

    1. Ultan says:

      And this elegantly quasi-functional site stripped out the link to the BoingBoing article, too.

      Here is is:

  4. mimiro says:

    I guess I was mistaken in thinking that Make advocated open source and digital rights. The fact that it implies right there with “You did keep your copy of MAKE Volume 06, right? It’s one of our most popular issues, but sadly, it’s out-of-print!” means that as a make subscriber if I lose a paper copy then they want me to repurchase the digital rights to something which I already purchased and *should* own the rights to? So we are for being able to digitize our music and not purchase new rights for each media change, but should have to pay *again* for digital rights?

    I don’t like this shift which Make is taking and hope these comments are monitored as I am taking this as my cue to cancel my subscription to Make, as I am sure some others will because of this nonsensical change. I have downloaded pdfs of every magazine because of being a subscriber from the beginning, and can only imagine that from now this right of past digital copies is being forfeited.

    1. tgmake says:

      I get free PDFs and online access to Make Digital with my subscription, and all I had to do was select an account option to auto-renew. You might want to check and see if you can do the same. I’m certainly not the kind of person who wants to rebuy something I already bought, so make sure you are taking full advantage of your current subscription.

  5. Announcing the MAKE magazine eBook Archive! jktechwriter says:

    I’m a subscriber and I’ve always been able to download the PDF version (for free) of the current issue plus all back issues.

    Is Make changing this policy? I’m not going to threaten to cancel my subscription (that’s a silly threat for some to throw around!) but I’ll be really disappointed if the PDF version now has to be purchased separately.


  6. perludus says:

    I’d far rather pay by the article rather than the issue. It just doesn’t make sense to spend that much money on a full issue, when at least for me I buy an issue now and then because of one or two articles.

    Do something creative like let me buy blocks of credits, and charge me credits for articles. Download the article for 1 credit, and get the full sized set of plans via PDF for an additional credit. Let me buy small to large blocks of credits, like 10 for $10, or 20 for $18, and then the mega 100 for $75.

    Also, use this kind of by-the-article buying to give you better insights into your readership. Find out what it is they like, and what they don’t like (or at least don’t buy). Find out if there are clusters of likes that you’ll never really learn about selling the entire magazine (paper or otherwise) at a time.

  7. Steve Witham says:

    I had some luck on searching for “make volume pdf”. From that list you can click any “volume” (i.e. issue) and see a paragraph describing its contents. If anyone knows of a comprehensive table of contents to the archive of Make, please reply on this thread.

    1. sophiacamille says:

      Hey Steve, are you trying to find something specific?

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