Make Podcast: Young Makers Make Things At The Maker Faire

Make Podcast: Young Makers Make Things At The Maker Faire

Dale Dougherty and Michael Shiloh show us “the heart of Maker Faire.” The stars of the faire are the young people who came and used recycled materials to make new things.


You can’t be too young to make things out of recycled materials! If you are a teacher or work with small children, you could follow the Make Magazine lead here and call up your local recycling center and get a load of old technology and then let students take it all apart and put it back together in new ways. If you do, make sure to take lots of pictures and slap them up on flickr group!


One of my first “Make” memories as a child was going around Boston for a summer with an uncle who knew all the garbage routes. We would wake up at 4 am and go check out all the garbage before the garbage trucks got to them and then he would fix everything up and sell the stuff at flea markets. Oh, how I wish Garbage Scout had existed in 1978! My uncle helped me put my first bicycle together from multiple bikes and then I got to choose the color and spray-painted the bike flat black. I even made my own foam protector pads from plumbing insulation!

What are your memories of making things as a child? What are the projects that got you hooked on doing it yourself?

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