Make: Projects round-up

Make: Projects round-up

We’re thrilled with the response that we’ve been getting to our new Make: Projects platform. We’re building up a nice library of projects, technique, and primer articles from us and user-submitted projects from the maker community. Thanks to everyone who’s checked us out and chipped in.

Here are just a few items from the site. Please come and see what we’re up to, roll up your sleeves, and get involved. It’s a wiki, so it’s thirsty for content. If you have an area of expertise, share it with us by fleshing out a topic area. If you have a project, please share that. And if you build one of the projects, hit the “I did it! Success!” button, and let us know what you learned via the Notes feature. And remember, you can amend projects, so if you’ve figured out a better way to do a step, have better pictures, have variations on the project, submit them. We want this site to feel like your virtual Maker’s Notebook. Don’t be afraid to jump in.

Projects from the Magazine


The Most Useless Machine

The mysterious machine from the current issue of MAKE that almost drove a fake news pundit crazy. Few people have looked at this project and not said: “I wanna build one of those!” *I* wanna build one of those!


Medicine Man Glider
The gorgeous old-school tissue and balsa plane project from MAKE Volume 17. I *did* build one of these, in my youth, and it is one of my fondest (and most frustrating) hobby memories of my youth.

User-Contributed Projects


Lady GaGa ‘Video’ Glasses

Soft circuits maven Angela Sheehan shows you how easy it is to create video glasses, so you can play Lady GaGa or Elton John: The Home Game.


Mylar Light Box

Ryan Jenkins, from the Exploratorium, creates cool light and color effects with tubes of Mylar material.



Technique: Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former

A simple frame and an oven become a Vac-u-Former for grown-ups. (A tiki mask made with via kitchen floor vacuum forming.)


Technique: Dutchman Wood Repair
Craig Cochrane, father of our most awesome editorial assistant, Laura Cochrane, shows you how to make a Dutchman repair, a wooden patch on a wooden object.

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