Make Your Own Prescription Swimming Goggles

This instructable may be a little late for most of us, but it would be a good project to add to your winter build list. They may not be very fashionable, but they should work reasonably well.

Cindy came up with this simple and great idea to make her own prescription goggles for only $12, saving hundreds of dollars compared to buying a pair from the optometrist or dive shop. If you have an old pair of prescription glasses, you can probably make a pair of these for cheap, and in only a few minutes.

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4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Prescription Swimming Goggles

  1. AndyL says:

    Combine this with some cheap proscription glasses from online optical shops (Like the $9 ones at Zenni Optical or their competitors.) and this truly could come in under $25 even after you buy the glasses.

  2. Sleepydog says:

    Nice job to the makers for this idea, but 5 min exoxy seem a little brittle for the job. I would rather use Shoe Goo for my flexible waterproof sealing needs. If the frame is “ultra flexible” why not the sealant too?

    Big thanks for the previous poster tips on Zenni, I never realized eyeglasses could be so affordable.

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