A total of 12 Maker Faires will take place in the Czech Republic this year and there is a lot to look forward to! For how small the Czech Republic is, Make More — the team that organizes Maker Faire there — is trying to get the maker movement out to as wide an audience as possible. That’s why, alongside the biggest faires taking place in Prague, Brno and Ostrava, there are 9 regional faires of varying size that not only bring the maker movement to the people but create local maker culture. This year, the organizers of Maker Faires are expecting more than 35,000 visitors of all ages to get a little closer to the world of creativity. Are you going to the Czech Republic or somewhere nearby? Don’t miss one of the Maker Faires. Find dates and venues here on the web

The whole 2024 season of discovery and creation was launched with an event in Karlovy Vary at the iconic Thermal Hotel, where even Hollywood stars gather for the world-famous Karlovy Vary Film Festival. On Saturday, April 20th, the first time in Jihlava awaits us, where we can’t wait to see, for example, a robotic shopping cart from the cool Scientist Peta (YOUTUBE channel in Czech) and a speech by Takasu Masakazu from China about Unleashing The Power Of Shenzhen M5Stack.

The biggest Maker Faire is held for the seventh time in Prague in the beautiful premises of the Křižík Pavilions. Over 130 exhibitions are expected and new projects are still being announced. What exciting projects will meet in Prague this year? One might exaggerate to say that this year’s be all about time travel. High-tec space exploration projects will converge with makers welding unique structures and machines for time travel. Future visions will meet here from completely different perspectives.

Projects and Makers to see at Maker Faire in Prague, May 11-12, 2024

Space Rover – Project Galaxy

You can embark on a journey into the future of space exploration and witness the development of an autonomous Mars rover by the CTU Robotics student team. Yuu could discover more about the utilization of artificial intelligence and computer vision for autonomous movement and robot control. With over 20 robotics and mechatronics students from CTU in Prague, the team eagerly shares their experiences and work, representing the Czech Republic in international competitions.

Timecruisers – Abacus Theater (Netherlands)

Imagine colossal, fantastical machines that seem to have escaped from the tales of Jules Verne. These mobile artistic marvels, controlled by time travelers, blend past, present, and future imaginings. Partially constructed from a heap of scrap, they’ve been given a new lease on life. With wheels measuring 2.5 meters in diameter and jet propulsion, they symbolize the speed supposedly necessary, according to Einstein’s theories, to overcome time and travel within it.

Czech Radio Amateurs Club

Amateur radio has a longstanding tradition in the Czech Republic. The active local community will showcase its projects and activities, spanning electronics, programming, mechanics, broadcasting, and even radio orienteering running.

Czech Rockets Society

The largest student association devoted to rocket construction, rocket motor development, and associated sciences (with over 80 Czech and Slovak university and high school members) will present rocket construction, electronic development, and motor production and testing. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to get closer to space technology and experience work that brings us closer to the stars. On display will be a rocket that has flown nine times, carrying satellites for the CANSAT high school competition, as well as a liquid fuel rocket engine currently under development and testing. Visitors can try their hand on workshops and build solid fuel motors.

Robo Competition and Robo Corner

The nationwide finals of the robotics competition for middle school students. Goal: assembling a robot from the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® kit to fulfill the given competition task as effectively as possible.

Bratronice Rocket Base

A former rocket base where enthusiasts of the post-apocalyptic world and costumes gather. They organize festivals, weld and create their own cars and machines, sew costumes, and engage in various forms of traditional and possibly future crafts.

Other Exciting Projects in Prague

Build Your Own Photovoltaic Power Plant: A guide and opportunity to learn how to build your own photovoltaic power plant at home.

3D Printing for All – Doctors Without Borders: Accessing 3D printing technology in geographically remote projects, hospitals, services, and offices on Doctors Without Borders missions.

Workshop: Build Your Voice-Controlled AI Mirror: Control images displayed by voice with your own AI mirror.

Workshop: Print Keep: Avid “shooters” and NERF fans will be able to build their own custom 3D printed foam blaster and try it out on the interactive shooting range!
Project named Print Keep is creating open-source blasters and building a DartTag playing community in Europe and the Czech Republic.

Maker Faire Ostrava

The third largest Czech Maker Faire will take place on 1st June in the Silesian city of Ostrava and will focus on the theme of mobility among many diverse projects. This is the second time the event will be held in Ostrava and we are looking forward to seeing what projects and makers it will show us this year. CFM is already running and we believe we will reach about 80 makers and their awesome projects. 

“As in many other cities, we also work with universities and innovation centres. In their special zones, student associations present various activities and startups in the field of technology, space projects, e-health and robotics."

“One of the Czech sayings is Golden Czech hands. That's why we emphasize diversity, and so Maker Faires across the country will not miss classic crafts that should not disappear from our world, whether it is woodworking such as carving puppets, hand-sewn shoes or artistic blacksmithing and ceramics.”

In the autumn the events will start with the traditional Maker Faire České Budějovice and the last one will be held in Olomouc. The second largest Maker Faire, the one in Brno, will be very much about robotics this year, including LEGO league robot competitions, autonomous robots growing tomatoes and strawberries, and humanoid ones built by high school students. Just like at Maker Faires all over the world, we in the Czech Republic also have inquisitive visitors and many of our partners found new employees directly at the event. But it’s not just technology and innovation that makes the programme at Maker Faires Czech so varied.  The annual soldering workshops, 3D printing on printers from the Maker Faires CZ general partner – Prusa Research and maker workshops on topics ranging from crocheting, cupping a selection of coffee to working with wood are also a regular part of the programme of small and large Maker Faires.