Maker Faire Chips + Music + Fish Party

Maker Faire Chips + Music + Fish Party

The creative, performative insanity of the Maker Faire spills into downtown San Francisco for a night of meeting up, hanging out, and sharing DIY music technology. Come by, meet people building and bending music hardware and programming sound software, toy with mobile game music, chat, and crunch some of the best fish & chips in the Bay Area.

What: Chips + Music + Fish Party, a Maker Faire “after party”

Brought to you by: MAKE:Magazine and

Who: Anyone making their own music with chips (little chips, big chips, Intel Core Duo chips), or anyone who loves to consume music and eat chips and/or fish. Makers from the Faire, locals, visitors all welcome.

When: Saturday, May 19. 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm: featured music sets. 9:30pm – whenever: hang, DIY musical show-and-tell, eat fish and/or chips.

Where: Edinburgh Castle Pub, 950 Geary St. San Francisco, CA. 415-885-4074. (5pm – 2 am; map.)

Why: Because we love DIY music, whether it’s customized hardware, self-made software, or just lovingly-programmed commercial gear and apps. And because we’re too crazy to rest after a packed day one of the Maker Faire!

10 thoughts on “Maker Faire Chips + Music + Fish Party

  1. eccramer says:

    Considering that there’s “Pub” in the name, does that mean that those of us that are not legal to drink yet are not invited. Goodness knows that I love Electronica, and Fish, and Chips!

  2. philliptorrone says:

    eccramer – for those who can’t get in, or don’t drink we’ll figure something out – just find me.

  3. peterkirn says:

    FYI, current confirmed lineup ca. 7-9pm:
    CHACHI JONES (smart electronica with circuit-bent things and stuff)
    STARPAUSE (8-bit game music stuff)
    P.KIRN (um … me … doing laptops + barcode scanner + whatever inputs I corral)

    More details + lineup soon. And lots of other people just generally hanging about.

    There’s also some really great music happening later at night.

  4. eccramer says:

    PT-Thanks for working so hard to make (sic) Maker Faire great for everyone. That’s why I love Make, you guys really think of your readers. For that I thank you. And I hope we can work something out, because I would hate to miss all this great electronic music.

  5. Maker Faire Chips + Music + Fish Party pspinrad says:

    Maker Faire Edinburgh Castle Pub Transit Outline

    I. Party location: Edinburgh Castle Pub
     A. Address: 950 Geary (between Polk and Larkin), San Francisco
     B. Phone:
    II. Travel by private vehicle
     A. Finding parking will be difficult
       1. Pay for a private lot somewhere nearby-- look for signs
       2. Circle around for street parking
         a. Be aware that the Edinburgh and areas just east are in
            troubled "Tenderloin" district
    III. Travel by public transit
     A. Overview: Take Caltrain or BART to San Francisco, then
            take Muni transit system, taxi, or bike to venue
     B. Getting to San Francisco
       1. From Crowne Plaza Hotel (official hotel of Maker Faire)
            take Caltrain-- $4 fare each way
         a. Ask the concierge how to get to Caltrain-- they should
            have a shuttle or something
         b. Closest station is Hayward Park, 401 Concar Drive,
            San Mateo
         c. Saturday eve trains northbound to SF depart at 5:54,
            6:54, 7:54, 8:54, 9:54, and 11:24 PM
         d. San Mateo station, one stop north, is also close:
            385 First Ave., San Mateo
         e. SF station is the end of the line, so you can kick
            back and not worry about stops
         f. Bicycles are allowed in northernmost car-- the front
            car going up to SF
           i. The bike car on Caltrain is generally the "party
       2. From other locations, take Caltrain (Peninsula, Silicon
          Valley) or BART (Eastbay, SF/SFO)
         a. Check Bay Area Trip Planner, under "IV. Resources,"
         b. Bikes on BART are allowed on all but the front cars of
            each train
     C. Getting to Edinburgh Castle Pub
       1. Muni system from Caltrain Station, 700 Fourth St. at King,
          San Francisco
         a. At Caltrain station, cross the street and catch N-Judah
            line Outbound streetcar-- $1.50 fare each way
         b. Ride N-Judah to Metro Van Ness Station
         c. At Van Ness, go upstairs to street and transfer to
            northbound 47 or 49 bus using Muni transfer slip
         d. Ride bus about 10 blocks north and exit at Geary St.
         e. Walk a block and a half east, to Edinburgh Castle
       2. Muni system from BART
         a. Exit at Civic Center station
         b. Walk upstairs to exit BART system, enter Muni System--
            $1.50 fare each way
         c. Walk downstairs to Muni platform
         d. Take any outbound car one stop to Van Ness station
         e. follow directions from III/C/1/c, above
       3. Taxi option
         a. From Caltrain-- cabs line up outside Caltrain station
         b. From BART-- exit up to street level and catch a cab
            cruising Market St.
       4. Bike option
         a. Easy 20 minute ride from Caltrain, 10 minutes from
         b. Recommended: bring bike into the bar, or else lock
            frame and both wheels outside
     D. Return trip
       1. Reverse directions above
       2. Last Southbound trains depart SF Caltrain station at 8:00,
          9:00, 10:00PM, and 12 midnight
    IV. Online Resources
     A. Edinburgh Castle:
     B. Caltrain:
     C. BART:
     D. SF Muni Real-Time Arrivals:
     E. Bay Area Trip Planner:

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