Maker Faire Paris 2021 Welcomes The Future

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Maker Faire Paris 2021 Welcomes The Future

Maker Faire Paris, like the city it calls home, has always shone brightly. From its home at Cité des sciences et de l’industrieEurope’s largest science museumwith its instantly recognizable façade and diverse exhibition halls, for nearly a decade Maker Faire Paris has propelled the “maker mindset’ from France’s many makerspaces, fablabs, and ateliers into the hands of the public with innovative workshops and wonderfully curated projects. This year is no different EXCEPT that you can experience all this AND interact with makers from across France and the world from anywhere.

This year Maker Faire Paris goes virtual + welcomes YOU to the future. The program asks us all to help make that future, exploring solutions imagined by makers in the fields of health, housing, the planet as well as the zany projects and beautiful builds that are a hallmark of the show. Presented by Leroy Merlin, partner of Maker Faire Paris since its creation in 2014, the company strengthens its commitment to the maker community with the accessible, free content produced this year noting, “Doing yourself changes each of us and when we change it is the world that changes.”

“Do it yourself” is fully in the DNA of the Cité des sciences and of industry, a place of innovation and creativity par excellence. All along the year, the establishment offers its audiences several activities, workshops and spaces including the Carrefour Numérique² FabLab which promotes knowledge sharing, mutual aid and conviviality, or the Robotics Science Club which brings together young people DIY enthusiasts programming. This year, although the audience is at a distance, the event itself will be right where its always been and broadcast live from a special studio created in the e-LAB of the City of Science and Industry. The exclusive program, accessible free of charge offers:

• live television broadcasts from the e-LAB de la Cité
• live workshops led by renown YouTubers
• inspiring podcasts
• interactions with the 200 makers participating in the event.

Access the program by registering for a ticket HERE.

YouTubers Take Maker Faire Paris (And You) On A Wild Ride

Workshops and YouTube are defining feature of making in 2021. After a year plus of online only content both virtual learning formats and the deep dives and zany builds found across YouTube remain places for innovation. This year, eight well-known makers who have built audiences enthralled by their imagination and know-how bring Maker Faire Paris alive and into your home. Here’s a peek of the workshops in store and the makers who will be leading them.

Olivier Verdier is a designer, carpenter and Youtuber.
He works in a small village in the Auvergne. You can see more of his work on YOUTUBE as well as his FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM channels.

Dodynette loves to sew and teach people how to make things. Her blog and YouTube channel are full of tips, pattern tests, tutorials, fabrics, kits, and contests ✂️ Find her work on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

18 year old YouTuber Amuary will help you boost your internet connection, create Among Us swag or a (homemade) Tesla Coil, and most recently, help you measure the pollution in Paris. 

My name is Henri, I am 20 years old and in engineering school.
My videos are meant to keep you entertained and I hope they teach you something. Check out Henri Hihacks on YouTube and Instagram.

For Pandacraft discovery is a destination. Pandacraft kits that promote discoery of the world and oneself for children 3-12 years old. Learn more about Pandacraft at

Corentin de Chatelperron is a French engineer, adventurist and manager of the “Gold of Bengal” project, which researches uses of jute fibre as a composite reinforcement.  He is an expert on low-tech, sustainable shipbuilding

Artist LibsCosplay creates alternate universes with their detailed builds, clevere scenarios and gorgeous photography and will be online at Maker Faire Paris to teach you how to create your fantasy. Check out all their work HERE.

Maker Faire Paris has always brought innovators to the table and the catwalks of its famed Giant Workshops. This year, designer Pierre Lota brings that magic in a workshop based off his quick home design builds, Make It déco with Pierre Lota

Frédéric Franken is the author of numerous guides to 3D printing including most recently, A guide to learning how to master Fusion 360 and how to use the technique of three-dimensional printing by depositing molten plastic filament. After presenting the interface, Franken describes step by step how to proceed to carry out the proposed examples: replacing a broken part, reproducing an object, adding a function to a utensil, among others.

Fabien Jonckheere from Lille, in the north of France, is a long time favorite at Maker Faire Paris and returns this year with a cardboard workshop for all ages. Since 2018, he has been a part of  Fabricarium helping students, citizens, and entrepreneurs for devlop their projects. 

Podcasts To Immerse Yourself In Maker Culture

Maker Faire Paris 2021 is inaugurating a series of downloadable podcasts addressing diverse themes that open the doors of maker culture to everyone.

« Habitons ensemble » (Let’s live together)
Focus on maker solutions adapted to inclusive housing.

« Apprenons ensemble » (Let’s learn together)
When maker culture transforms school education.

« T’as de beaux lieux » (You have beautiful places)
An inspiring overview of “third places” in Francecoworking spaces, cultural wastelands, fablabs…places that bring together a collective engaged citizenry, open and promoting cooperation

Connect With Makers From Anywhere

In addition to this wonderful interactive virtual content, you can check out projects and interact with the over 200 participating makers. See more on the Maker Faire Paris website. EXPLORE THEM ALL HERE.

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