Maker Faire Prague Goes Big Again in 2021

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Maker Faire Prague Goes Big Again in 2021

The biggest Maker Faire in Czechia is back in full force! Czech DIYers, inventors, designers and creators will finally meet again offline in Prague this weekend (11th and 12th September) as Maker Faire Prague is just around the corner. Held in the inspiring premises of the Industrial Palace (Výstaviště Praha), the largest Czech Maker Faire brings about 150 projects from a wide range of fields and interests.

Outside Maker Faire Prague at Výstaviště Praha

Maker Faire Prague offers several great attractions (literally). Visitors will get a chance to experience a post-apocalyptic atmosphere with the Bratronice Rocket Base team, who literally live in hand-made scenery from a post-apocalyptic film and who will also bring their own DIY costumes and machines. The acrobatic group V.O.S.A. will present a 6-meter lion puppet, which needs to be controlled by at least three people. The puppet is still being perfected so that it can represent the Czech Republic at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Another tremendous attraction is the world’s largest air cannon – shooting from it is truly memorable and its booming sound unforgettably adds to the atmosphere of the festival.

World’s Largest Air Cannon by Laborky ze Slaného

“Although we often come across the idea that Maker Faire is mainly for fans of electronics and technology, this year will offer a number of creators who use mainly handicraft for their products. One of the most interesting, however, is the combination of proven years of manufacturing processes with modern technologies. For example, an Arduino-controlled loom or elaborate luminous jewelry with a remote control will be on display. Some make-ups give way to their creativity in the production of effective liquid lighting fixtures for the design household, others make their products from paper or knots on a clothesline, ”explain Jiří Zemánek and Jan Kužník, the festival’s program bosses from the organizing association No Science.

International guests in Prague

Influencers and celebrities of maker community will not be missing at Prague festival. Nicolas Bras, a musician, multi-instrumentalist, and maker of original musical instruments from Paris, will come together with his curious arsenal of instruments. Nicolas will hold a workshop on making a flute from PVC pipe and play two concerts at the festival’s main stage. Also expected to star at the festival is Becky Stern, a long-time MAKE magazine contributor and wearable electronics specialist who now works for the Instructables.

Maker By Bad Luck

Among the most interesting Czech personalities coming to Maker Faire Prague this year is undoubtedly the traveller and also “DIYer by necessity” Dan Přibáň. He and his group of diverse adventurers have driven around the world in probably the worst car of all time – an East German Trabant. The truly brutal failure rate of the vehicle forced his crew into incredible improvisations, which included, for example, a complete engine overhaul in the middle of the jungle with a “gentle” piston hammering with a giant rock.

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Dan Přibáň and his Trabant Team

Maker movement in education

Czech Technical University in Prague is an expert partner of the festival, and its students and teachers will come with a bunch of unique attractions: a two-legged balancing robot SK8O, a car model for developing a drive by wire system with wheels operating independently, a robotic arm for translating text into sign language or a large LEGO robot that looks like the hero from the Short Circuit movie, who will supervise the participants as they build their own robots from LEGO Mindstorms.

CTU’s SK80 Robot

One of the most interesting speakers at the festival is Sara Polak. Sara studied archeology and anthropology at the University of Oxford and became a popularizer of artificial intelligence and co-founder of a multidisciplinary AI lab which aims to educate general public about the latest technologies.

Experience Small Miracles

Magicians with electronics, such as Jiří Praus, also bring interesting inventions. Jiří combines electronics with art and creates so-called freeform electronics. At Maker Faire Prague, he will show his robotic glowing tulip that blossoms at the touch. Student and maker Václav Mach will bring a special clock that he designed, programmed and built himself. The clock use a mechanical flip digit display that evokes station information signs. At the same time, it announces the time in the same voice that everyone who has ever taken a train in the Czech Republic knows from the station’s radio.

Jiří Praus and his freeform electronics

A Festival For The Whole Family

Maker Faire Prague will take place inside and outside the Industrial Palace, photo: Lukas Neasi

To sum up, all curious souls are invited to Maker Faire Prague, regardless of experience, gender or age. A rich program awaits visitors on the main stage, the festival will offer many workshops and also a children’s zone for the youngest participants. Don’t miss out on the biggest maker event in Czechia!

WHEN: September 11–12, 2021

VENUE: Výstaviště Praha


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