Maker Faire Tokyo: Particle Accellerators, Micro Bikes, and Maker Activities

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Maker Faire Tokyo: Particle Accellerators, Micro Bikes, and Maker Activities

Maker Faire Tokyo is coming up on September 3 through 4th! Our partners, O’Reilly Japan Inc, who publish Make: Magazine in Japan, have been kind enough to supply us with a hand picked selection of awesome things you could see if you visit.

Keep in mind that this is only a tiny taste of the incredible sights and sounds you’ll find at Maker Faire Tokyo. This is sure to be a truly incredible event. Find out more information on exactly how and where to attend on the Maker Faire Tokyo website.

Home Made MRI by yashiro

MRI is a device that uses the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance to image the density distribution of hydrogen nuclei. This requires powerful and extremely precise magnetic fields, linearly tilting magnetic fields, and high-frequency oscillating magnetic fields, which are very attractive design challenges. In addition, there is a special pleasure that cannot be experienced anywhere else in using MRI to control a population of hydrogen nuclei at will. 

interview with the maker(Japanese) | Google Translation | project website

DIY particle accelerator

The particle accelerator cyclotron, invented by Lawrence in the United States in 1932, was inspired by the idea of resonant acceleration by Widelley in Norway in 1928. The accelerator is a very fascinating device that uses many technologies such as high vacuum, high magnetic field, high frequency, and their control. So, continuing on from the “Ultracompact Cyclotron Built at Home” the year before last, I am building my own Widelley-type linear accelerator at home, which is the origin of the modern particle accelerator (going back in history a little).

Foldable Electric Motorcycle by ICOMA

A square box transforms into a bike. The bike becomes the size of a trunk case that can be tucked under a desk. It is a bike for everyone, made by everyone, that can be folded to expand its possibilities. It is a new bike that finds new uses and experiences through casual customization, a wide range of easy-to-use customization, and unprecedented transformation.

Interview with the maker(Japanese) | Google Translation | Project website

Miniature POP-UP book by miniature BOOK

We are working on a palm-sized picture book that opens 360 degrees to become a dollhouse. The book is about 4 cm high x 3 cm wide x 1.5 cm thick, with 4 to 7 LEDs inside. Batteries are CR2016 and can be replaced. Several switches are designed with surprise in mind, including one that uses a reed switch and another that inserts a key.

Project website

Marble machine rolling ball sculpture by marble machinepolyhedron

From the maker: I am making a Marble machine. The unique feature of my work is that the entire course rotates. This allows me to give positional energy to the ball without a lifting device. This is avant-garde in this area. I further divide my work into two types: a “rotating type” that constantly rotates with a motor, and a “three-dimensional type” that changes direction by hand like an hourglass. 

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The Performance Robot for Musical Calculators “A-HOGE” by GOTO STATEMENT

This robot automatically performs “calculator playing,” a popular activity on video-sharing sites, using high-speed movements. The machine’s appearance is noteworthy, of course, but its performance is also noteworthy for its ability to reproduce songs well: four units cooperatively tap four calculators to handle fast melodies and play musical accompaniment. The intense striking sound produced by the unsuspecting machine is also a feature, and its musicality is a departure from conventional calculator performance. Please take a look at the fast and accurate performance by the robot.

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Eggshell Speaker / Eggshell Matrix Display by gomhi

Two works using chicken eggs as material will be exhibited. Egg Speaker is a small speaker made from an eggshell enclosure. The Egg Matrix Display is a dot display made of eggshells as LED light diffusers. Enjoy the sounds coming from the egg and the dim lights. The egg speaker will not produce bass or loud sound, but a simple audition will be available.

Media Prayer by KATSUMOTOY

The compact disk used to be a symbol of the multimedia era, but it had become the latest out-of-date media. Most people listen music via the Internet, not physical media. But it is quite sad to forget the media that we loved once. That’s why I began to make a Buddha statue for CD and dead media since 2017.

Project website


Aside from all the wonderful makers showing off the cool things they’ve made, there will also be workshops where you can learn, make, and teach others.

Wear cardboard and become Makey , dinosaur or penguin! 

Make something to wear out of cardboard! You can be Makey with a sun visor, or a Tyrannosaurus or a Penguin!

Let’s make a blinking microbag! by OTOME-DENGEIBU

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Make a pretty, shiny bag out of clear material! It is large enough to hold a breadboard, lip balm, and keys, and is perfect for nighttime walks and festivals. The shiny light will help keep you safe on the streets at night, and you will learn how to use transistors and capacitors as you create a circuit called a multivibrator that makes two LEDs blink. Let’s make it shine and stand out at Maker Faire Tokyo!

Take apart the electrical appliance! by Fab Lab SENDAI – FLAT

Take apart the electrical appliance or junk in the hall with your own hands! Cracking, cutting, and breaking are the last resort, and a maker should be able to take it apart without doing so.

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