Maker Faire Vienna 2023 Brings Together Maker Pioneers and Visionaries

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Maker Faire Vienna 2023 Brings Together Maker Pioneers and Visionaries
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After a four-year hiatus, on the first weekend in June Maker Faire Vienna returns to the METAstadt event center once again, showcasing makers, hosting workshops, and focusing on this year’s theme supporting the circular economy with upcycling and repair. Under the motto “Makers for Future”, Maker Faire Vienna 2023 is dedicated to innovative ideas and solutions for shaping the future: What contribution can Maker projects make to overcoming the great challenges of our time? A few special themes will guide the event and shape featured projects and talks. Producer Joanna Kowolik is pleased to be able to organize Maker Faire Vienna again after a three-year break due to the pandemic: “We are expecting 10,000 visitors who will experience an exciting and creative weekend with us. There is something for everyone – from big to small!”


Fix broken devices in the Repair Café workshop

Getting to the bottom of mistakes, fixing things and reusing recycled parts are important parts of the Maker DNA. Under the guidance of the two repair experts Paul Srna and Wolfgang von Rueden, visitors can repair broken small devices themselves with simple tools at a workshop on Sunday (3 p.m. to 5 p.m.). You are welcome to bring household appliances (up to the size of a vacuum cleaner), toys or lamps.

“Makers have a great ability to solve problems. Maker Faire can engage young people and develop the skills and attitudes to help create a better future for us all,” summarizes Maker Faire founder Dale Dougherty, bringing up the goal of Maker Faire Vienna 2023 the point: to inspire and to present innovative ideas and solutions for shaping the future.

Focus “Let’s make fashion last” – sustainable use of clothing

“With the focus on LET’S MAKE FASHION LAST! we would like to show the potential of the textile industry. And how much can be achieved globally if this topic is tackled,” says Joanna Kowolik, Maker Faire Vienna project manager. Projects dealing with the sustainable use of clothing will be presented at lectures, workshops and stands.

  • Uptraded: With an app for swapping clothes, the start-up from Graz wants to make second-hand mainstream and thus put an end to fast fashion.
  • opensewing – Textile Upcycling & Refashioning: At the opensewing workshop stand, a dress made from old textiles is being redesigned collaboratively. Helga von opensewing sits at the sewing machine, creating together and exploring the possibilities of textile upcycling and swarm creativity.
  • RESI Slow Fashion: Garments get a new chance here. Visible mending, the visible repair of clothing, turns old clothing into redesigned individual pieces. Co-founder Alina Saavedra Santis will hold a workshop on this.

More Makers, Projects, and Workshops

Beyond learning to solder (you can do that too), Maker Faire Vienna has a wide variety of workshops to engage big and small hands.

Do you have a broken appliance at home? Then bring it with you and breathe new life into it! Under the guidance of the two repair experts Paul Srna and Wolfgang von Rueden, visitors can repair broken small appliances themselves with simple tools at a repair workshop on Sunday (15:00 to 17:00 o’clock). Household appliances (up to the size of a vacuum cleaner), toys or lamps are welcome to be brought.

Your individual fan for hot days! Design your individual fan, entirely in your colors. It is painted with watercolors and/or acrylic paints, metallic effects are also possible. 

Build a sensor-controlled robot! Varikabi avoids obstacles or follows your hand, a light, a shadow or a line. 12 amazing functions are possible! With the plug-in kit you can set up one of 7 little animals and then test it on different courses.

Electro etching with plotter designs. Etching a variety of patterns and shapes into a piece of metal with just a battery, some salt and water? We cut our designs on the cutting plotter and then etch them onto a metal tag.

Printing with milk carton and pasta machine. In this workshop you will explore experimental printing techniques in which you will create works of art with accessible materials: we will use Tetra Pak instead of metal plate and use a pasta machine as the printing press.

Weaving with Johann May I introduce: Johann. A simple little weaving device that makes weaving fun. What can you do with Johann Weaving ribbons or small pictures without a loom, super compact and ready for any trip and any place.

Build tiny furniture – upcycling crafts for the whole family. You can create great items for your characters at home from various upcycled materials. Are you still missing the right furniture for your playhouse? Make your own furniture, equipment, etc

Salon of Open Secrets It is an open secret that smart devices contain conflict materials. There are fair trade bananas, are there trade electronics? We are experimenting with materials that could enable more sustainable and fairer technology.

MAKERS There are new things to see each year at Maker Faire Vienna. Check out the full gallery of makers HERE.

Mobile planetarium with 360 degree projection. Mobile planetarium with Newton projection offers an opportunity to present different topics on a 360 projection screen, from astronomy to aerial drone photos and video to underwater content accessible to all who can’t experience such content.

Mr Beam Lasers is a Munich based company for desktop laseructters! With the Laserclass 1 and the Air Filter System the laser is ideal for an indoor use. #madewithmrbeam
The MSS Network records the ground motion in the Viennese Basin with self-built seismometers and visualizes it live on a homepage. We develop seismic hard- and software and share our seismological knowledge using experiments.
The OASYS tower allows anyone without much space, time, or a green thumb to grow their own food all year round. It can grow 24 plants at the same time. Enough to supply a small family with fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits!
Model railway and other things from the 3D printer as open source in teamwork.
Open Closed Velomobile: This is my take at building an energiyefficient, fully enclosed bicycle made of wood. All this with the help of a 3D printer and a CNC machine.
Our project “SHAUR*ROOM” present a unique street food experience. The dish SHAURma consists of a thin tortilla (LAWASCH), an unusual recipe, homemade sauce and ingredients!

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For the Maker Lounge at Maker Faire Vienna we get healthy snacks from the organic farm: apples and carrots!
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