12 Projects And 6 Workshops To Get You PUMPED For Maker Faire Tokyo

Maker Faire

Maker Faire Tokyo 2023 will be held for two days on October 14th and 15th at Tokyo Big Sight, featuring 270 maker teams.

Check out this video from last year!

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100 by Hirotaka Niisato

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Maker’s comment: sI’ve aggregated 100 solenoids to create a single device. You can enjoy the sensation of pressing it with your hand, the sound it makes when many of them move at once, and the spectacle of a large number of solenoids moving together.

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Handmade 50cc Car「TOYO50R」 by SELFMADE

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Maker’s comment: This is a 50cc motorcycle I built as a hobby. It took about 15 months to complete, and I learned how to design, weld, and do electrical wiring on my own. The motorcycle weighs approximately 170kg and has a 3-pedal 6-speed manual transmission, with a top speed of 60-70km/h. I’ve ridden this motorcycle and covered 47 prefectures in 233 days, totaling 20,052.8 kilometers.

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HAL-monia by Cauldron

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Maker’s comment: We, as a couple, have taken on the challenge of creating a six-legged robot using a 3D printer, with our completed creation called ‘Harmonia’ at the center. We are now engaged in producing robot art pieces. While my husband, who is an engineer, creates the robot’s brain, I, as a homemaker, build its body. Together, we sit at the same desk and experiment and iterate. In the future, we plan to expand the variety of robot bodies and enrich our lineup as art pieces. We update our daily progress on Twitter. Please take a look!

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Items that spark joy for me by Joshibi University of Art and Design Field of Fashion and Textile

Maker’s comment: We will be showcasing fashion accessories and objects created by enthusiastic students who have taken the “Electronic Crafts” course, incorporating electronic craftsmanship. These various glowing accessories, using components like Adafruit’s FLORA and Flora RGB Smart Neo Pixel, are sure to delight and captivate the hearts of those who use them. Please take a look at “My Heartfelt Items”!

Maker’s web site

Handmade Gacha by KUA GACHA

Maker’s comment: We will be exhibiting the handcrafted gacha-gacha machines that were a big hit at Maker Faire Kyoto 2023! These machines have mechanisms that won’t turn the handle unless a coin is inserted, making them functional gacha-gacha machines that you can actually use. The equipment used for creating them includes a laser cutter, 3D printer, and ShopBot. Additionally, we will also have an exhibition of ridiculously oversized gacha-gacha machines! Be sure to check out the gacha-gacha prizes and merchandise created by designers from Kyoto University of Arts as well.

From scratch, Home-made Hub-steer electric motorcycle by Takeshi Maeda

Maker’s comment: This is a handmade electric bike with hub steering. Both the hub steering mechanism and the frame are entirely self-made. The design was done using 3D CAD, the cutting with a CNC mill, and the frame was crafted through aluminum welding. It’s as if the CNC mill and TIG welding machine magically appeared in the household storage just when I wanted to create it.

Maker’s web site | Twitter

Transforming Strand Beast “Takupon-Dynamics” by takupon

Maker’s comment: We created a walking robot that can be controlled remotely through radio control, taking inspiration from the famous Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest. This robust aluminum robot walks with a lively gait! It not only walks but can also “transform” to change the movement of its feet, enabling it to climb over obstacles and switch to movements where it lifts its legs high. Of course, the linkage ratios are original and derived through simulation! Please feel free to touch and make it walk! We look forward to your visit!

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Homemade Semiconductor Project by TNKS OZ

Maker’s comment: We are a group of two students who have developed an interest in semiconductors. Our goal is to manufacture semiconductor devices at home. We will be exhibiting two types of equipment for manufacturing semiconductor devices at home:

High Vacuum System by TNKS : This system uses heat and plasma to energize metal materials, causing particles to be ejected into a vacuum and deposited onto a substrate. It is used for creating the electrodes of the devices.

Mist Chemical Vapor Deposition System by OZ: This system involves breaking down a solution of source materials into mist form using an ultrasonic oscillator. The mist is then decomposed on a heated substrate using a ceramic heater to create semiconductor films. It is used for the fabrication of the main body of the devices.

MOTTOMO COMPACT – The smallest e-bike by degochi

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Maker’s comment: I have created an ultra-compact electric motorcycle (moped) that is road-legal, with a total length of 600mm and a weight of 10 kg. To ensure that even children can ride it, we have added features to the motorcycle to prevent tipping over.

Maker’s web site | Twitter

Mini Steam Engine by asafactory

Maker’s comment: This is a palm-sized steam engine. When connected to a small boiler, it operates under steam pressure. It has been crafted from brass and aluminum using tools like a hacksaw and a drill (without using a lathe), and assembled with soldering. We will be exhibiting approximately 10 different types of steam engines, including oscillating, piston valve, and reverse mechanism models, all powered by compressed air. We also plan to display a model of a well pump. Please come and see these old yet new machines in action, creating clicking and hissing sounds.

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Marble Machine by polyhedron

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Maker’s comment: I am creating a marble machine that rotates the entire course to roll the ball. We will be showcasing avant-garde works, including the “reverse marble machine” where the flow of the ball is opposite to the norm and the “infinite descent marble machine” where the ball continues rolling without stopping, offering something unique that you won’t see elsewhere.

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Crab Tank (Splatoon3) by T2

Maker’s comment: I have created the character “Kanitank” from the Nintendo Switch game “Splatoon 3”. However, it’s not just a regular model. It has 17 joints controlled by servos, and in its spherical state, it can move by rotating internal weights. Furthermore, when it transforms into its crab-like state, it walks on four legs and can fire a massive amount of ink (water) from a Gatling gun while aiming! We’ve tried to faithfully replicate the in-game functionality. We also plan to exhibit the homemade 3D printer used in its production.

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Featured Workshops

Let’s create a cardboard parade! By Hello cardboard

We will enjoy “creating” together using the ideal material for crafting, cardboard, which is almost readily available worldwide and almost free! The theme for this event is a new encounter with cardboard. By exploring the various shapes and uses of the square cardboard we commonly see, we will look at it from different angles and discover new aspects of cardboard.

Available Workshops:

Let’s Create a Cardboard Parade! – Create fantastic costumes for orchestra members, make musical instruments (flutes, drums, guitars, anything!), craft colorful hats, wear what you’ve made, and parade around the Maker Faire Tokyo 2023 venue!

Become a Tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex – Join the cardboard parade with a moving tail and a hat!

Cardboard Plants from Mysterious Seeds! – Craft cardboard plants that grow from mysterious seeds.

Bend, Cardbo-roll! – Learn various methods to bend square cardboard, expanding the range of your crafting skills.

Nerdy Derby by FabLab Kanda Nishikicho

The “Nerdy Derby,” where many children enthusiastically engage in heated races with creatively designed miniature cars, is making a comeback at Maker Faire Tokyo after four years! The Nerdy Derby is an “anything goes” miniature car racing competition that originated in New York. Whether you’re an adult or a child, once you participate, you become a racer. Even the slightest insights and innovations can determine the outcome of the race. If things don’t go well on the test track or the main track, you can quickly make improvements in the workshop and try again!

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Let’s make “Maker Faire newspaper” together! By babytoi Art Design Lab

During the event, child reporters will tour the Maker Faire Tokyo 2023 venue, conducting interviews about their favorite exhibits and creators, and they will create the “Maker Newspaper.” Expression is open, whether it’s through art, writing, or four-panel comics! Inside the booths, they will write articles, and there will also be spaces where parents and children can enjoy together. In addition, there will be an exhibition of artwork created by children who attend the Art Design Lab. Become a child reporter and discover the excitement and surprises of Maker Faire Tokyo!

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