LiveBlog: Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

Maker Faire
LiveBlog: Maker Faire Bay Area 2023

Maker Faire Bay Area has just begun and we’re so excited to be back. Keep checking this page as we’ll be updating it all weekend with pictures and video clips from Maker Faire! Newer stuff will be at the top, so if you want to see it from beginning to end, start at the bottom and work your way up! Check out the tour of the whole Faire, lower down in this blog or on our YouTube.

We’re back for weekend number 2!

Jellyfish Mermaid Grotto, by Erin St.Blaine. —Keith Hammond
Trilene, a crazy motorized couch tricycle peacock creature. —KH
Makers going to take advantage of the situation. They aren’t upset with the rain! They’re driving their little boats around in the puddles. —Alicia Williams
Awesome LED costumes also by Erin St.Blaine, in the Dark Room. —KH
Needle felting workshops by Woolbuddy are a hot attraction, in the Storehouse. —KH
Meet the real Thing — the robot hand built by Jesse Velez and team for Netflix’s Wednesday — live and crawling in the Make: magazine booth! —KH
Gigantic balloon sea creature from Airigami — the nudibranch Glaucus atlanticus to us marine ecology nerds— will be flying in the cavernous Foundry building all weekend. —KH
Penny farthing tricycle contraption! —KH
Awesome Lego models and machines with Bay Area Lego Builders Group. —KH
*Beep boop beep* *Whir whir whir whir!* —KH
Amazing Iron Man costume from Thorsson & Associates, check out all their cosplay creations in the Foundry building! —KH
Getting serenaded along the esplanade. —CC
E-bike film studio with drone helipad, by Mike Winter (RobotMike). —KH
Inflatable garden of wonders by Astro Botanicals, in the Dark Room. —KH
Shaper Tools lets you try out their computer assisted handheld router that magically keeps your cuts on track. —KH
Cammaroo, a conversion camper van with microwave and hot water heater! —KH
Dia de los Muertos monarch butterflies, in the Dark Room. —KH
Steve Peterson’s crazy gears 3D-printed clocks, made with an Arduino and RTC module. —KH

That’s a wrap on week one of Maker Faire Bay Area!

Keep an eye on this blog post on the weekend of October 21-22 for more!

As the day wraps we had a parade down the main drag. I just love seeing everything in motion! – Caleb Kraft

A young woman asks Jen Schachter to sign her copy of Make: magazine (Jen’s on that cover!) – Caleb Kraft
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Space Palette is a hybrid multi-touchpad musical instrument and super trippy music visualizer! —Keith Hammond

Knitted DNA art is pretty wild. —Keith Hammond

When you scoop this sand and build it up, the projection changes dynamically to make a topographical map of depth/height. —Keith Hammond
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Standing nearly 7 feet tall, this hand-carved face is all wooden and all amazing. —Caleb Kraft
This giant mechanical Orrery was inspired by the movie The Dark Crystal. —Caleb Kraft
This costume is crazy good. —Caleb Kraft
You may need to zoom in to see the details of this intricate lacework demonstration by Lace Museum. Some examples off to the side show what this artist is making. —Keith Hammond
While these two talk about groove density, the machine in front of them cuts a new record. —Keith Hammond
Eliza Dolls are created to help young women learn to code. —Keith Hammond
You can beam sounds like a laser with this fancy ultrasonic projector, with 90+ transducers that will make your target sing. —Keith Hammond

Here, you can learn how to electroform things with copper — like electroplating but thick enough to make a solid metal object. I’ve used this kit and it works great! —Keith Hammond

This is a chess board, where the squares all move up and down in a wave formation. We should have a video of this one next week! —Caleb Kraft

Just a whole wall of gears. —Keith Hammond

These are e-ink tarot cards! —Keith Hammond

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At Robot Rumble the crowd controls some trashbots to battle it out. This really is a blast, and the crowd loves it. —Caleb Kraft
On stage selfie with Eben Upton! —David Groom
There’s a fashion show going on in the Dark Room. Make Fashion is here showing off the high tech and fashionable integrations they’ve created. Jellyfish ambience by Erin St. Blaine! —Keith Hammond
Eben and Dale on stage discussing the Raspberry Pi 5! —Keith Hammond
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The MakerBlock family are regulars at Maker Faire. If you look at the young man’s shoulder you’ll see Eddie, the companion bot. It’s Eddie’s first year! —Caleb Kraft

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