LiveBlog: Maker Faire Orlando 2023

Maker Faire
LiveBlog: Maker Faire Orlando 2023

Maker Faire Orlando has just begun! Keep checking this page as we’ll be updating it all weekend with pictures from Maker Faire! Newer stuff will be at the top, so if you want to see it from beginning to end, start at the bottom and work your way up! To find more details about things you see here be sure to go to

I do believe this is the very first time I’ve seen knights fighting at a Maker Faire. I had to squeeze through a huge crowd to get this close so you could see the knights!

Nerdy derby lets you make your own little car to race against others. People really love seeing what parts and bits make theirs go fastest.

The drone zone is a really cool set up. There are a few tents where you can don an FPV headset and fly a tiny drone around an obstacle course.

One of Allison Chase’s costumes – the power loader from Aliens – was out walking around when it got flagged down by a random robot dog.

ChipScapes does art using raw computer chips. That rainbow look is from the raw silicon wafers

Four Bit Industries has a bunch of cool electronics kits that kids love to learn from.

This morning’s big hit was a panel with folks from BattleBots

Revopoint brought their new scanner to show off. This is a prototype that isn’t quite the same as the final one but it seems really nice.

We absolutely love seeing people show up in costume. Such a great vibe.

The Orlando Buzzards RC club brought a whole collection of cool radio controlled airplanes for people to check out.

DAY 2 has started! Well, we’ve got the makers in and setting up and the gates will open soon, but things are happening and people are excited!

I hadn’t seen this before. These little metal robots have a can of seltzer water as a head. You beat and bash the opponent till they split open and spray everywhere. It’s a super fun experience.

A thoroughly impressive steampunk display

the giant cosplays of Allison Chase are so cool to behold. If you look really closely, you can see Allison herself fixing something behind the character from Attack on Titan.

The flaming trumpets are literally on fire

You’d have to have a considerable amount of patience to make all these lego constructions. The table with tons of stuff on it is all in motion doing random things. It really is mesmerizing to watch.

The wood turners are out here blasting chips all over making magic wands. The people watching seem to feel like they’re witnessing magic as well.

Look, no one can stop you from making a midi drumset based purely on wesley snipes.

Always a popular activity, you can run in this hamster wheel to chip the ice that will become your snow cone!

Robot battles are a big part of Maker Faire Orlando. Here you can see the three main battle arenas that they have set up. I believe I saw kids being able to pilot the bots in the smaller arenas, and you know that’s a huge hit.

these folks do embroidery + LEDs. They’ve figured out all kinds of smart methods of dealing with the resistance of the wires and have machine washable systems! A video interview with further details is coming.

The funky skunk is driveable and it farts bubbles. Do you need to know more?

In the main walk between buildings, there’s something that I find absolutely delightful. They’re using a stream roller to make prints! You can see the result and the machine above.

I spent most of the morning before we opened helping get this stage ready and they have a super exciting lineup to fill it. For example, ,these folks here are from Universal Studios and Disney, talking about how they make the attractions that people love so much.

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