Three Things You Absolutely Have To See At Maker Faire Orlando

Maker Faire
Three Things You Absolutely Have To See At Maker Faire Orlando

Maker Faire Orlando has been growing and maturing to be, in my opinion, one of the best Faires in the states. They always have such a well rounded experience, including local skilled artisans, high tech wonders, cosplay, artists, robotics, and all the spices that go into creating a great Faire.

I’ll be there this weekend and I’m super excited about a few things. Here are just three to get you pumped.

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a video of Robot Ruckus from one of my previous visits

Robot Ruckus

This league of fighting robots is a massive crowd pleaser. They set up a whole arena and bash and bang each other to bits for a screaming audience. I can’t express just how worked up the crowd gets when the countdown is in the final seconds of a match. If you’re not that into the competition aspect, don’t worry, they also just absolutely murder some pesky office equipment in between matches to keep people amused, and believe me, it is amusing.

Hands-On Workshops

I know I keep saying Maker Faire Orlando does things well, and they do. There’s just no other way to put it. Another example is their hands-on workshops. They have tons! If you’re coming to the event and really want to get your hands into things and experience them, you will get to. From medieval knight fights to drone racing to shirt design or making magic wands. There will be things you can actually do!

The Main Stage

This is new this year and looks like it is going to be just incredible! While Maker Faire Orlando has had folks give talks in the past, this is the first year they are really curating a full stage to go through the whole event, just packed with folks you will want to hear from.

I’ll be on a couple panels but I know I’ll also be hovering near by a lot, so I don’t miss this stuff.

Keep in mind, those three things are just the ones that stand out as major headlining draws! The rest of the Faire, the heart and soul of it all, is an incredible group of makers all there to enthusiastically show off their creations. This community is vibrant and eccentric. I will wander from a custom built car to intricate woodworking art and be constantly surprised all day long. I can’t wait and I hope I see you there.

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