Maker Shed weekly wrap-up


This week in the Maker Shed we continued our Spring-cleaning sale with some amazing discounts and free shipping on orders over $100 (details here). Also, we are continuing to work with kit makers on a lot of really cool products. Do you have something that you think would make a great kit for the Maker Shed? If so, send us an email at, we are always looking for cool stuff.

More about the Spring-cleaning sale in the Maker Shed

New product this week:


The new Make Controller 2.0 & Interface Board kit from the Maker Shed is a great way to get up and running with this micro-controller. Adding sensors and motors has never been easier.

The Make Controller is built around the AT91SAM7X256, and adds the essential components (like the crystal, voltage regulator, filter capacitors, etc.) required to run it, while bringing almost all the processor’s signal lines out to standard 0.1″ spaced sockets. The software environment remains constant no matter what you plug the Make Controller into – the firmware libraries are organized and documented, making it clear which are compatible with the Controller and Application boards.
The Interface Board makes it easy to connect and communicate with your favorite devices with up to 35 general input/outputs, 2 serial ports, TWI, CAN, SPI along with Ethernet and USB. All pins are 0.1″ spaced for easy insertion into your prototyping breadboard.

More about the Make Controller 2.0 & Interface Board kit

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