Maker Spotlight: Josh Waddell of 3 Bulls UPcycling

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Maker Spotlight: Josh Waddell of 3 Bulls UPcycling


Josh Waddell

Where are you located?


What is your day job? 

Full time maker! Owner / Operator of 3 Bulls UPcycling, LLC Find me on Instagram

Do you attend a makerspace/fablab/hackerspace? 

Yes I have my own workshop that I rent.

What kinds of stuff do you make?

We make a variety of hand made one of a kind items out of repurposed and UPcycled materials. No two pieces are the same!!!

How did you get started making stuff? 

I’ve always tinkered and taken apart stuff, beginning at a young age.

What is something that you’ve made that you’re really proud of? 

I made an industrial style lamp out of old pipes, gears, sprockets and gauges that I donated to a local school board foundation and the item was able to help generate revenue for the schools.

What is next on your project list? 

Oh my, too much to last! For now, a 6 foot tall robot made out of junk! This will be huge, literally.

what is something you’d like to work with but you haven’t yet? 

I’d love to know how to use an airbrush for detailed work.

Any advice for people reading this? 

Always try to look at things differently. Reduce, reuse, UPcycle.

You’ll be able to see 3 Bulls Upcycling at the Tulsa Maker Faire on August 28th!

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