Making sawhorses and trigonometry

Making sawhorses and trigonometry

Sept2006 051

Simon says, “Here is an outline of how necessity (from a limited collection of tools) and a little of a “because I can” attitude ended up in me using a significant amount of trigonometry to build my sawhorses.” Link.

8 thoughts on “Making sawhorses and trigonometry

  1. katre50 says:


  2. Foxhound says:

    Oops, no link.

  3. 3ricj says:

    Hmmm…So instead of just purchasing the metal sawhorse brackets at homdepot, which already have the right angles for this, at $5 a set, he spent endless hours cutting out exact (16.26 degrees?!?!?) angles…

    So at qty 4 sawhorses, assuming he spent 4 hours making them, he saved $20. My time is worth so much more than $5/hr. I hope his time is as well. He did say that it was fun to build.. and that’s what really counts.

    It’s good that he used trig, and I’m glad he wrote it up… but I’d be much more interested in him using the trig to solve a problem that had not already been solved 100+ years ago.

  4. afaust says:

    trigonometry is its own reward.


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