Meet the Award Winners

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AMA Live Showcase

Meet the winners of this year’s Amazing Maker Awards. Our top winners came from the US and Canada, Turkey, Japan, and Germany and they are as young as 14. Their projects represent social impact, art, technical achievement and education. This is an audio recording of our October 4 Live Showcase in which I talked to our top winners about their projects.

Here are the winners that are featured in the podcast:

  • Noelle Connover, Matt’s Maker Space
  • Daniel Springwald, Tesla Animatronic Bust
  • Caleb Kraft, Make Editor (not an award winner)
  • Selin Alara Ornek, IC4U3 robotic dog for the sight impaired
  • Caleb Kodoma, Coded Breath using machine learning to detect fungal pneumonia
  • Kenzie Housegos, Artistic Exploration of Online Courtship
  • Shingo Hisakawa, qNinja PCR machine

Top Prize Winner

Christina Ernst, She Builds Robots