Hey Bay Area Makers! The drummers are drumming, the bots are battling, the kids are blowing bubbles, and the weird stuff people make is just getting better…join the party! Maker Faire returns to the Bay Area’s beautiful Mare Island (Vallejo) on October 18-20th and there’s a whole summer ahead to plan a project, blow some dust off an old favorite, gather the goods for a compelling workshop, or tell us about the supercool topic that you want to talk to the world about. Whether demonstrating a new invention, sharing DIY techniques, or simply connecting with like-minded individuals, exhibiting at Maker Faire Bay Area can elevate visibility, foster connections, and contribute to the vibrant culture of creativity and exploration that defines the maker movement. We encourage all makers from startups and science clubs to inventors and artists to apply. 

We particularly love exhibits that are interactive and highlight the process of making. Maker Faire is a place to share your work, but it is also a space to find new collaborators, get feedback, maybe even take your *fabulous thing* to market. You can participate in different ways: 

What Should I Bring to Maker Faire?

The simple answer: Whatever you can dream up! Maker Faire is a place that welcomes projects from the simple to the complex. It celebrates mashups and innovations, craft and kinetics with equal fervor. Maker Faire celebrates the doing as much as the final product so if you’ve got something special that you haven’t quite finished, come workshop it with other makers.

  • Emerging Technology
  • Mobile Makers
  • Kinetic Stuff
  • Things That Glow
  • Hands on Activities
  • Fashion + Wearable Tech
  • Games + Puzzles
  • Young Maker Projects
  • Craft + Hand Made Goods
  • Music
  • Robots/Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Traditional Skills + Trades
  • AI, AI, AI 
  • Electronics of All Kinds
  • Cooking + Food
  • Drones + Things that Fly
  • LEGO is always fun
  • Science 4EVR
  • Internet of Things
  • Art 
  • Cosplay
  •  Photography
  • Makerspaces
  • Bicycles
  • Fire + Blacksmithing
  • Dance + Performance
  • Maker Education
  • Boats
  • Business + Startups