MicroRAX modular beams

MicroRAX modular beams

Looks like the small-scale aluminum t-slot world his heating up! Previously I’ve recommended 80/20 for small projects that needed sturdy, precise framing structures to hold up a microcontroller and some sensors, but those can be difficult to find in small sizes. Now we’ve got MicroRAX from Twintec, and Mini-T by Maker Beam on the way soon. Both are a 10mm square stock with a variety of connectors, joints, and hardware. They are aimed at makers, with direct sales, and small kits of common parts.

MicroRAX are available for purchase now, and you can contact them for free samples if you’d like to play around with some. I spoke with Chris Burrows from Twintec and he said they’re ready for an onslaught of sample orders, so bring it on!


I’m excited to see that they’ve uploaded CAD files for two of their parts to Thingiverse, so you can plan your project in 3D. Head here to download them. Hopefully they’ll add CAD files for all of their parts soon.

[via HackedGadgets]

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