Modded USB lexar stick

Modded USB lexar stick

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Here’s a clever way to slim down a big USB drive, MAKE Flickr photo pool member Mushmouth26 writes “This was one of those big bulky 1gb Lexar sticks. I cracked the case off of it and dipped in yellow Plasti dip, I bought at home depot.. Fits great in my pocket now and it is super slim. “Link.

11 thoughts on “Modded USB lexar stick

  1. EJCrews says:

    What would be REALLY neat is is someone could fit the whole battery, resistor and switch into the metal part of the bulb. A “Flashlightbulb” if you will.

  2. RosiGirl says:

    Yup…that’s the next article :-) If you look closely, you can see the white LED on the testing board. We are looking for the right size button battery so it can fit into the bottom hole.

    The switch will be at the bottom…pressing it for on/off

  3. DanLockton says:

    @ EJCrews – someone at Toshiba patented something like you describe a few years ago. It looked just like a regular lightbulb, and fitted into a standard fitting, but hidden in the metal bit was a battery and a tiny step-down voltage, rectifier and charger, that both charged the battery and lit up the low-voltage filament in the bulb. So it looked like a regular light bulb, and appeared to work like one. But if you unscrewed it from the fitting, and pressed a button hidden on the base, it would light up again and you could use it as a flashlight.

    Don’t know if it ever went into production, and I can’t find the patent unfortunately.

  4. RosiGirl says:

    We found some LED pens which fit perfectly …we just have to shorten the barrel so the switch is just at the bottom of the bulb!

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  6. john2008 says:

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