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Name the next MAKE tool (and win one!)

Name the next MAKE tool (and win one!)

Cs4Op L

*Note: This contest is over, comments are now closed.

Ok gang we have some NEW MAKE tools coming in, actually they’re here now – thing is, we need to name them. If we pick a name you come up with, we’ll send you one – the very first one in fact, hot off the laser etcher!

These are bigger and toolier (is that a word? should be) than our MAKE: warranty voider Leatherman tools, they are the Leatherman “Juice” model… The Juice CS4 tool comes equipped with pliers, regular and hard wire cutters, straight knife, and four screwdrivers-extra small, small, medium/large, and a Phillips. Also features can/bottle opener, corkscrew, serrated scissors, saw and awl.

So we need to name it and then put in the LASER to etch them, post up your suggestion in the comments, here is what we’ve heard before so don’t use these…

  • Big Blue
  • Dream Maker
  • Blueprint Maker
  • Blueprint Builder
  • Builder of Blueprints
  • Open It
  • Make Opener
  • Make Player
  • Make: Play
  • Make: Play Tool
  • “Violator” as in an agreement violator
  • Make HackKnife
  • MakeShift
  • The MacGyver
  • The dismantler

638 thoughts on “Name the next MAKE tool (and win one!)

  1. Alistair Phillips says:

    Make Tinkerer

  2. Francis says:

    Make It Happen

  3. Harish says:

    Either BeetleJuice or BeatleJuice, for sure.

    Justification? Here’s some wiki-age for you:

    “Beetles are a group of insects which have the largest number of species. … [The group] contains more described species than in any other order in the animal kingdom, constituting about twenty-five percent of all known life-forms.”

    The new Maker Tool has more tools than any other tool, no?

    If you go for BeatleJuice, just know you’re using a kick-ass band’s name to describe your tool == yum.

  4. Harish says:

    Oh, the spacing [or lack thereof] is optional :) Beatle Juice/Beetle Juice works too!

  5. Jim says:

    Visionary gets my vote.
    Or the decider. The decider is a close second.

  6. Keri Morgret says:

    Make or Break

  7. James Cheng says:

    then I would say call it Tinky Winky… because everyone needs a tool called Tinky Winky…

  8. Erik Lindemann says:

    How’s about the MAKEGyver?

  9. ACAZ says:

    What About calling it the The Make tool :Agreement Breaker Sounds pretty decent

  10. Alex H says:

    how about Make: Thing-A-Majig

  11. Churtin says:

    The Maker’s Key

  12. says:



  13. mcjohnwcheese says:

    The Jabberpocket Knife: now with Vorpal Screwdriver

  14. DennisM. says:

    How about the “Make: Isolator”, as in component isolator?

  15. Marc de Vinck says:

    OK, I can’t win, but I can still contribute.

    “Warranty killer”


  16. Edidid says:

    make: Abundance

  17. Edidid says:

    Make: Abundance

  18. ScuderiaConchiglia says:

    This could not be any easier. It should be called simply “The Tool” of course.


  19. Borgel says:

    Hand CNC, or
    Intelligent Design/Designer

    Yeah, Im done.

  20. Brian says:

    Material Geometry Arbitration Device

    Let’s have just a touch of the legalese that you’re going to ignore using the tool.

  21. Geoff Horne says:

    The Liberator

  22. Rob D says:

    End User License Disagreement

  23. togi says:

    The Reverser

  24. Marrz says:

    Make anew
    Make again
    Null and Voider
    Device Reformer

    That’s All I can think of

  25. SteveNJ says:

    Make Army Knife
    Cheddar Army Knife
    Tool Kit
    Drool Tool
    Cool Tool
    Fool Tool
    Cool Fool Tool
    Mule Tule
    Tool Cool for School
    Cool Tool for School

  26. togi says:

    or even simpler – “void” or “null”

  27. Bat21 says:

    According to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a Hooloovoo is a superintelligent shade of the colour blue. Little is known of them, except that one participated in the construction of the starship Heart of Gold.

    I changed the spelling to avoid copyright problems and so it would be easier to fit on the Leatherman.

  28. Bat21 says:

    According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a Hooloovoo is a superintelligent shade of the colour blue. Little is known of them, except that one participated in the construction of the starship Heart of Gold.

    I changed the spelling to avoid copyright and trademark problems. Also, it will be easier to fit on the Leatherman.

  29. Robin Debreuil says:

    How about “Thy Maker” or “Your Maker”?

    It has a nice personal friendly feel, and but still the “meet your maker” undertone (I think people would get that). You could say to that old printer when you pull it out, ‘prepare to meet thy maker’…

    love the blog btw : )

  30. steve s. says:

    blue terror

    the iMake

    Make: me.

  31. Dako says:

    Jack (as in Jack of all trades)

  32. says:

    Make Do

  33. francis says:

    Make it Better

  34. Robin Debreuil says:

    How about “Thy Maker” or “Your Maker”?

    It has a nice personal old time homey feel, but the sinister undertone (eg. when you introduce it to that old printer — “Prepare to meet Thy Maker!”).

  35. mhking says:

    Everyone is overthinking (or underthinking) this. Call it Alligator or Alligatr.

    (despite living in Georgia)

  36. mhking says:

    Just call it the Alligator or Alligatr.

  37. Bat21 says:


    According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a Hooloovoo is a superintelligent shade of the colour blue. Little is known of them, except that one participated in the construction of the starship Heart of Gold.

    I changed the spelling to avoid copyright and trademark problems. Also, it will be easier to fit on the Leatherman.

  38. Bat21 says:

    According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a Hooloovoo is a superintelligent shade of the colour blue. Little is known of them, except that one participated in the construction of the starship Heart of Gold.

    I changed the spelling to avoid copyright and trademark problems. Also, it will be easier to fit on the Leatherman.

  39. jovino says:

    I can’t believe nobody has suggested “Blue Meanie” yet!

  40. jovino says:

    I can’t believe nobody has siggested “Blue Meanie” yet!

  41. chris greenhough says:

    It opens like a butterfly knife and it helps build things.

  42. Bat21 says:


    The first time I tried to post I got an error message. When I hit F5, it appeared twice.

  43. Brian says:

    I guess that’s more of a software term. How about


  44. steve says:

    Make: Void , would be even better?

  45. Patrick says:

    Call it ‘The Diversiform’ then send me one!

  46. Mark "bobtiki" Boszko says:

    Ugh, I just typed in probably twenty different names, and then the blog comment system crapped out on me, and I’m too tired, so I didn’t think to make a local copy before I submitted.


    Let’s see how many I can remember:

    Athena’s Toolbox
    The Teslanator
    Insulated Edison
    Feature Adder
    Hipster Toolbox
    The Adapt-O-Tron
    The Revampanator
    The Refitter’s Friend
    The Modchine
    Electric Ozone
    The Screwmaster
    The Enabler
    The Ownership
    …I’m missing several here, but just one more I can recall:
    Engineer in your Pants

  47. says:

    “Force Multiplier”

    Like a lever, pulley, gear set, or other simple machine, this tool amplifies your own input making your efforts more effective.

    *And* it has a pun on being a multitool with pliers.

  48. Sandro says:

    Make: It Yours

  49. Sandro says:

    Make: It Yours
    Make: Easy Pieces
    Mkae: Trouble

  50. Slingshotkid says:

    the sonic screw driver(2008 Addition)

  51. salman says:

    blue scorpion

  52. Mark "bobtiki" Boszko says:

    Creative Driver

  53. salman says:

    blue scorpion

  54. homer says:


  55. francis says:

    Here’s my last shot at it so here goes:

    Make: security checked
    Make: get out of a pinch tool
    Make: pull a macGyver
    Make: 1001 uses
    Make: compact toolbox
    Make: extreme remover
    Make: macgyver puller

  56. thesamurai1200 says:

    Make: Tool Of Life

    Make: Tool For Life

    and my favorite

    Make: Jaws
    (mostly referring to the pliers)

  57. Stefan says:

    how about:

    Pandora’s tool

  58. Justin Krauss says:

    Can-open ‘er

  59. Chronos says:

    Make: Gadget Deconstructor

  60. Toaste says:

    I like to think a multi-tool as a license for unintended use of other things. Just looking at it brings to mind circumventing tamper-proof cases, clever kludge fixes, and the joy of getting something apart without a manual. Names follow:

    MAKE: Tamper Accomplice
    MAKE: Case Nullifier
    MAKE: Service Manual
    MAKE: Gremlin Extinguisher

  61. marchino says:

    W.Y.N. = Whatever You Need

    Hasta luego.

  62. Penfold says:


  63. Penfold says:


  64. marchino says:

    W.Y.N. = Whatever You Need

  65. Brian Seward says:

    The Hacker

  66. Leg3nd says:

    Make: The Spirit.

    The Makers Spirit.

    The Makers Soul.

  67. Daniel says:

    I would have suggested MAKE:Gyver, but someone beat me to it. I’ll by one if that’s the chosen name though!!

  68. latenightracing says:

    MAKE it Big

  69. inetken says:

    MAKE: voidable
    Break 2 MAKE:
    it’s voidable
    Just a little tweak
    Little Tweaker
    warranty adjuster
    warranty adjustment tool
    warranty tweaker
    warranty shifter


  70. endocrinejunkie says:



    Information Technology (IT) is a general term that describes any technology that helps to produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and/or disseminate information.

    I thought that name matched the spirit of the Make site, and has the additional meaning of “Make It”.

    or how about


  71. ondeugd says:

    (Make) MeHappy

  72. Sabastian Boaz says:

    Pocket Toolbox

  73. endocrinejunkie says:

    Make:Blue Healer
    for the play off the words heeler and healer

    Or maybe just BlueHeeler for mans best friend.

    Yea, I like the second one better.

  74. Reverb Rick says:


  75. rt says:


  76. rt says:

    Make: 2.0

  77. kbmeister says:

    Two possible ideas:

    Hephaestus (the greek god of fire and artifice and patron of all craftsman, really a maker’s deity)

    Artifice or MAKE: Artifice (drawn from above)

  78. endocrinejunkie says:

    The Make:Shiva

    The blue goddess with the many arms.

    Heres a link to some pics to see what I mean…

  79. morsey says:

    Make: Extended Warranty Voider

  80. endocrinejunkie says:

    maybe Shiva was a god not goddess.. not sure

  81. Lockback says:

    I guess the Blue Tooth or the Cool Aid would get you into trademark trouble…

  82. endocrinejunkie says:

    The God of destruction or change.

    You can give me the Shiva now.

    Some people call it a shiv, I call it a Shiva.

  83. Lockback says:

    I guess the Blue Tooth or the Cool Aid would get you into trademark trouble…?

  84. C.S. Magor says:


  85. thebounzer says:

    GizReaper or GizmoReaper
    The improver
    Gizmo’s nightmare

  86. blake says:

    Partner In Crime

  87. thebounzer says:

    GizRaper or Gizmoraper

  88. Camillo Miller says:

    I think You should go international this time…

    I suggest:

    “El Mago” or just “Mago:” (means the magician both in italian and spanish)

    Maghito (spanish, means the little magician)

    Maghetto (Yo Baby! In italian it means little magician)

    Here they are :-)

    Camillo Miller, from Italy

  89. jewelzc4 says:


  90. SilasDK says:

    The Brick
    The Bender
    Make: Mod
    Make: Mods
    Make: Bend
    Make: Bends
    Make: Not
    Make: Nothing
    Make: Trash
    Make: You
    Make: Stuff
    You Make: It

  91. James Bamkin says:

    The Persuader

  92. Jim Three says:

    It’s got to be called the.. NutCracker

  93. adamantium says:

    make : voidifier

  94. Jock_The_Kiwi says:


  95. dutchfreak says:

    hmm not that im going to win, i never win, but i thout somthing like this “Creator” no idea if it has been used before

  96. Jock_The_Kiwi says:

    Oops, should have been

  97. alain says:

    the blue Pecker

  98. mnwybs says:

    ok, since it’s based the leatherman juice…

    the squeeze

  99. mnwybs says:

    Since it’s based on the leatherman juice…

    the squeeze

  100. ceroill2 says:

    Blue Max
    Make Omni Tool
    Make Express

  101. fian says:

    Makerman (play on Leatherman)

    Make10 (play on Mac-10) for the 10 *major* functions:
    Flat Screwdrivers
    Philips Screwdriver
    Bottle Opener
    Can Opener

    Make: M8

    Make: TOY-T (Technology On Your Time)


  102. Jared Harley says:

    The De-fingernator

    since I almost lost a finger with one of these…

  103. dutchfreak says:

    well what about “Creator” or “the Creator”

  104. fian says:

    Make: Friend

    Make: Way (where theres a will theres a Way)

  105. fian says:

    Make: More

  106. razumikhin says:

    The pieceMaker

  107. Laura says:

    Make It Yourself
    Make More

  108. razumikhin says:


  109. William says:

    Make: [Juice]

    Because at some point, probably while making something, I’ll use it to cut a live wire.

    (note: I don’t work with high power. Not anymore. Not since the three-phase transformer fire) (did you know some countries don’t require fire extinguishers? Even when playing with fire?)

  110. Ryan says:

    Make: Fixer
    Make: Fixer-upper
    Blue Steel (I know, I know it’s copyrighted already…)

  111. peterman921 says:


  112. ren says:

    builders bliss

  113. dunkin says:

    blue crab
    callinectes sapidus
    coat of arms
    blue collar
    the craw
    special purpose
    escape tool
    blue martini
    el guapo
    the blue void
    great blue void
    the big blue
    the beast
    old faithful
    make maker
    blue steel

  114. Dug North says:

    Make: Badass or Make: BADASS
    Make: #BADA55 (should be green, of course)
    Make: Trouble
    Make: Mojo
    Make: Vulcan
    Make: Tesla
    Make: Edison
    Make: One Tool to Rule Them All

  115. Toe says:

    Go ahead: Make me play
    Make Me Play
    Make My Play

  116. dmacdonald says:

    The Make-a-nator
    Make: All Access
    Make: Take-a-parter
    Make: Blue Breaker

  117. Austringer says:

    I didn’t check to see if anyone else had suggested any of these:


  118. Robin Debreuil says:

    The Toolbox or The Blue Toolbox (toolbox has more logo possibilities)

    The PocketShop

    Make II

    Make Do (well that is a little negative perhaps)

    /utils or /tools (or make/utils)

    make all (tip of hat to makefiles)
    make.* (make anything)

    Make The Knife (ok, the song is too old I guess!)

    Make Believer

    The Recycler
    The Reducer
    The Redeemer
    The Widow Maker (maybe better for a Make powertool : )


    Make-Up Kit


    Regardless of the name, you should mention the corkscrew is there for helping celebrate your project’s success : )

  119. says:

    Hacker Helper

  120. Mark Southerland says:


  121. RoBo says:

    The Widow Maker
    The Maker’s Edge
    Razor Maker

  122. Spikenzie says:

    Make: Hackinator

  123. Toe says:

    Make It So
    Make It Easy

  124. Sam says:

    How about the “MAKE: HACK and SLASH” you could even promote is by saying, “It slices, it dices, it hacks, it slashes, it even makes Julian fries… oh wait…

  125. Opigir says:

    The “Make: Everything”

  126. Endif says:

    the case cracker

  127. Ed says:

    Das ÃœberMAKE

  128. Shawn says:

    How about “The Wild Blue Modifier “

  129. CraigD says:

    Make: It Happen
    Make: Stand Back

  130. bgarland says:

    How about the “MAKE: Pocket Bulldozer”? Because when you need to take something really big apart, a bulldozer is always handy. Something smaller? Pocket bulldozer.

    OK, and if you’re obsessed with alliteration, you could go with “Blue Bulldozer.”

    Or if you want to be both cutely annoying and alliterative, the “Bitsy Blue Bulldozer” is guaranteed to raise a little howl of protest (and it even contains an oblique electronics wordplay–“bits”-y). Now I have to go kick my own ass for suggesting this. Man, I need coffee.

  131. kmarco100 says:

    Make: warranty cracker
    Make: warranty void collector
    Make: “the can” opener
    Make: modding tool
    Make: Builder
    Make: Creator
    Make: The tool

  132. HotWire says:

    The Blue Re-Do

    Perhaps some phonetic stylization and call it the BlooReeDoo

  133. Halcyon says:

    Make: Problem Solver
    Make: Problem Solver +2
    Make: Blue Thunder
    Make: Liberator

  134. MAcsSNAcs says:

    how about Make:Blues

  135. HotWire says:

    More variations:


  136. SpatulaNinja says:

    Urban Survival Tool
    UST for short.

  137. says:

    on the side a large open number One; inside that the word ‘All’.

    All in One.

  138. Jeremy D Pavleck says:

    How about “MAKE: On The Go” or “MAKE: TK” standing for Toolkit. It’s simple, but works.

  139. CrashingDutchman says:

    The Blue Wonder Tool

  140. Redlucy says:

    Make: tech pirate

    Make: scrambler (not just for gadgets — try it with eggs)

  141. says:

    How about “Portapal” or “PortaMAKE”

    MAKE: Blue Buddy

  142. MakerKen says:


  143. obi says:

    Let’s call him

    Edward (leaving out the scissorhands as a well known last name) :)

  144. Tim Wilson says:

    The Tripple T

    Make: TTT

    Make: T.T.T

    Make: Tripple T

    Make: 3T


    T T

    Sounds cool and could stand for many things
    The Total Tool
    The Total Toolkit
    The Tool Thing
    Tool Tool Tool
    The Tripple T

  145. fluxion says:


  146. Tim Wilson says:



    (an optimum set of tools)

  147. monsonb says:

    Make’s Strong Arm
    The Coercer
    Make: Believe

  148. JT says:

    Make: What you want
    Make: it awesome

  149. thebounzer says:

    Maker’s Wolf
    (Was the problem-solving Character in Pulp Fiction)

  150. thebounzer says:

    Maker’s Wolf
    (Was the problem-solving guy in pulp fiction)

  151. Joel says:

    Make: Shock and Awl
    Make: an ER visit
    Make: the OJ (Juice,knife… Bad joke, I know)
    Make: unHandyman Tool
    Make: requiring stitches since 2005
    Make: Paperweight (since a Maker would have a useful paperweight)
    Let’s MAKE Two (tip o the hat to Ernie Banks)
    The MAKE Forgery

  152. Pavel Ushakov says:

    Hehe :)

  153. InstantKarma says:

    I have a couple ideas:

    Make@your own risk

    Make:Smurf (remember from the cartoon – the word Smurf can mean anything – and it is blue!)

    Don’t consume,MAKE

  154. Crazy Ivan says:

    What’s Inside?

  155. Cementtruck says:

    How about….

    Trouser Tool or
    MAKE: Trouser Tool

    Other Ideas:
    Nut Pincher
    Dangler Danger
    Nut Nullifier
    Warranty Killer
    What Warranty?
    Darth Voider

  156. J. D. Harper says:

    Suggestion: Avoid names that refer to the tool being blue in case you want to make the tool in other colors some day.

    My name idea: The Make Warranty Nullifier. It’s like a Make Warranty Voider, but more so!

  157. devilmanjosh says:

    It should be called

    Maker Modder

    Or just

    Make Modder

  158. MattNico says:

    It’s already called the “Juice” so why not take it one step further and call it the Make:Juicer as it helps you squeeze every last ounce of usefulness out of your projects.

  159. tastewar says:

    Make:MyDay (Go Ahead)



    Prima Facie
    Maker’s Mark
    Hacker Scalpel
    Universal Solvent
    The RealKeeper
    Hacker Therapy
    kitchen sink
    benevolent winnower
    the nullifier

    I saw and liked iMake, PieceMaker, Das ÃœberMAKE and MAKE:Gyver

  160. timberbt says:


  161. jdy98p says:

    E = M C(made)
    with the (made) as a superscript.

    I have to admit that I also like the previous “Piece Maker” suggestion.

  162. Mr_Alb says:

    Make: Modder

  163. Pavel Ushakov says:

    I believe I’ve seen something like this at Target lol

  164. Ty says:

    Creativity filter

  165. Tricia Lupien says:

    Make: Surgeon
    Make: Rube (As in Goldberg)
    Make: Thingy
    Make: TinMan
    Make: KitchenSink
    Make: Void
    Make: ToolKing
    Make: Sonic

  166. Brian says:

    You only need two tools for a great project –

    1. Duct tape to put stuff together, once you’re done using..

    2. Un-Duct Tape to take stuff apart

    In the same vein, it could be a “Sanity Separator” to go along with Crazy Glue.

  167. lotan says:

    Tutti Matti

  168. Ty says:

    Creativity filter

  169. Brian says:

    You only need two tools for a great project –

    1. Duct tape to put stuff together, once you’re done using..

    2. Un-Duct Tape to take stuff apart

    In the same vein, it could be a “Sanity Separator” to go along with Crazy Glue.

  170. LJ says:


  171. LJ says:


  172. sqeezebox says:

    Make: Blue Midget

    Like the ship from Red Dwarf!
    Looks like a sweet tool!

  173. Robin Debreuil says:

    The Fixation
    slogan would be
    “If it ain’t broke: The Fixation”

    Make Apart

    Open Sesame

    Make Me One With Everything (ok, from the Dalai Lama’s hot dog joke)

    Make the Ripper

    Make Or Break

    Daddy (as in, who’s your Daddy?)

    The Reverse Engineer

    The Great Leveler

    The Ownimator

    The Kaboodle
    slogan: For those who don’t have everything.

    Btw, I always put three small super magnets in the clip of my leatherman – I can store it on the swinging light, it is magnetized and can magnetize another tool easily, and I always know where to find a good magnet when I drop a screw etc.

  174. Tim says:

    The Over-Achieving Corkscrew

    The Too Many Tool

    The Coveted

    or as my daughter the artist would most likely name it once she got it:


  175. Gerhard says:

    Make Monster

    Deviant Device

    Mischief Maker

  176. drudo says:

    The Unveiler
    The Revealer
    “Reveal Your Secrets”

    credit for last to Professor Snape

  177. Spiffed says:

    Make: Anything

  178. Maltedfalcon says:

    Make: More Magic
    (look it up.)

    Make: Bag of Tricks
    (ala felix the cat)

  179. Stokes says:

    Idea #1: Two different engravings, one on each side.

    Make: Constructor and
    Make: Destructor

    That sums up what I do with my Leatherman. It would be even cooler if you could get them made with the two sides in different colors (blue/red).

    Ideas #2+: Regular names.

    Make: EVC (Exploded View Creator)
    Make: Mechanical Spelunker
    Make: Polymath
    Make: Externalizer

  180. Stokes says:

    Idea #1: Two different engravings, one on each side.

    Make: Constructor and
    Make: Destructor

    That sums up what I do with my Leatherman. It would be even cooler if you could get them made with the two sides in different colors (blue/red).

    Ideas #2+: Regular names.

    Make: EVC (Exploded View Creator)
    Make: Mechanical Spelunker
    Make: Polymath
    Make: Externalizer

  181. scribdog says:

    Warranty knife
    Warranty tool
    Make: warranty
    Make: busted
    Make: kaput
    Make: good
    Make: nice
    Make: mine
    Making it
    Make: something
    Make: a lot
    Make: plenty
    Make: loads
    Make: repurpose
    Make: new

  182. LJ says:


  183. tastewar says:

    Getting tons of errors trying to post; hopefully this will eventually get posted exactly once:


  184. psl says:

    QC Inspector

    as in Quality Control…

    because if it isn’t good enough (likely)…

    you’ll MAKE it better!

  185. drudo says:

    I still don’t see my comment, so I’ll try again.

    “Reveal Your Secrets”

    the last is courtesy of Professor Snape.

  186. psl says:

    QC Inspector

    as in “Quality Control”.

    Because if it isn’t good enough (likely),

    you’ll MAKE it better!

  187. fractal says:

    How about:

    Thing Opener

  188. CHAD LOVELACE says:

    Lets call it

    MAKE: 3B

    — Bigger Better Badder —

    MAKE: Discovery -or- Discoveries

    Pocket Destruction

    thats all i have today!!!

    oh wait — one more

    is that a juice in your pocket or are you happy to see me!!!

  189. Reynolds says:

    keep it simple,


  190. ARGHone says:

    Hardware Remaker
    Hardware Modifier
    Hardware Alterer

  191. James Bowles says:

    The Acme Blade

  192. kojimagtr says:

    DiY Driver



    The General

  193. spiky_b0y says:

    Bluebonic – The Maker Pandemic

  194. murph38_99 says:

    Make:Field Engineer
    Make:FET (Field Engineers Tool)
    Make:FETT (Field Engineering Teardown Tool)
    Make:FERT (Field Engineering and Repair Tool)
    Make:FART (Field Appliance Repair Tool)
    Make:CERT (Critical Engineering Response Tool)
    Make:OOPS (Opening Operations, Pliers and Saw)
    Make:FAOTAH (Forgot All Other Tools At Home)

  195. Fizix says:

    Make: Access
    Make: Accessible
    Make: Accessibility

  196. dr15 says:

    I make: stuff
    make: out

    party in my pocket

  197. Dax says:

    MAKE: Handy Hacker

  198. Steve says:

    The MAKEvolution

  199. Brian says:

    I’ve seen “tweaker” already, but this is obviously not the Little Tweaker, it’s the:

    Grand Tweaker

    Or, in the tradition of so many case labels that I have ripped through:

    User Serviceable Parts

  200. Fizix says:

    “Skeleton Key”
    or just “Key”

  201. says:

    I really think it should be called the Officer (or maybe Officr if you are like that). The reason is that in the Swiss Army, you have to be of officers rank to get a corkscrew on your issue knife!

  202. dtlind says:

    Make: Up
    Make: Ready

  203. J_Hodgie says:

    Make: Everything
    Make: it better

  204. Qcumber says:

    why not stay edgy:
    (hey yeah!)Edgy

    or better:

  205. Manuel says:

    “Maker’s Hand”

  206. Nick says:

    Make Eyeball Cleaner

  207. Tochi says:

    “Jugosa”, spanish for “juicy”

  208. TimJFowler says:

    Product Revisor

    DMCA Circumventor

    Case Opener

    Case Breaker

    EULA Eliminator

    OEM Enemy

    Manufacturer’s Nemesis

    Happy Hardware Hacker

  209. Tochi says:

    “Jugosa”, spanish for “juicy”.

  210. TimJFowler says:

    Product Revisor

    DMCA Circumventor

    EULA Eliminator

    Case Opener

    Case Breaker

    OEM Enemy

    Manufacturer’s Nemesis

    Happy Hardware Hacker

  211. TheBrain70 says:

    “Hack Attack”

  212. Orion Thunter says:

    Make: Disassembler
    Portable Workshop
    Pocket Maker
    Portable Maker

  213. Orion Thunter says:

    Make: Disassembler
    Portable Maker
    Pocket Maker

  214. Kent KB says:

    MiT, Make it Tool
    Bluey or ka Bluey
    Mpt14 , Make pocket tool 14 (14 tools in one )
    Mt14 (-pocket)
    Mt (Make tool)
    MT3 (3rd Make Tool)
    MuM ,Make unMake
    Make-O-Matic, MoM
    Make “My Day”
    Make Do it “DoIt”

  215. xanti says:

    The Spider

  216. Greg says:

    I don’t think these have been suggested.

    Make: Dorm Room Toolbox
    Make: Jewel of the Toolbox
    Make: Your New Best Friend
    Make: Who Needs Help?
    Make: Help is for Wimps
    Make: I Can Do That
    Make: I’ll Do It
    Make: I Can Take It

    I also really liked SteveNJ’s earlier post of “Cool Tool for School.” Nicely done.

  217. ryan9000 says:

    Make: Awlsome

  218. ryan9000 says:

    Make: Sawsome

  219. Robin Debreuil says:

    Make Apartner
    slogan: It takes a partner to Make.


    Pocket Katrina

    Pocket B-29

    The Splitist (a communist word for people not happy with the status quo : )

    The Surgeon
    slogan: For truly extreme makeovers, call on the surgeon.

    Extreme Makeover Toolkit

    The Grim Maker

    The Separatist

    Gadget Cleaver
    slogan: You can’t have too much cleavage.

    The Gadget Grenade
    slogan: Takes you beyond the point of the no return policy.

    Reductio Ad Absurdum

    The Grave Robber
    slogan: For those who need to dig deeper.

    Junkyard Dog

    Jaws of Rebirth

  220. Aud1073cH says:

    From my feeble attempts at translation:

    MAKE: Manus Operandi (hand operation)

    MAKE: Ferramentum Utilis (useful tool made of iron)

  221. Ryan says:

    Make: Awlsome
    Make: Sawsome
    Make: Screwed
    Make: Cutter
    Make: Origami
    Make: i.cut
    Make: wiicut

  222. crinknirc2 says:

    Make: Task at Hand

  223. Rouss says:

    Make: Discombobulator

  224. sburlappp says:

    Make: Bigger Hammer
    Make: Subtlety
    Make: Implement of Creation
    Make: Implement of Destruction
    Make: Implement of Invention
    Make: Implement of Innovation

  225. robotsharkpants says:


    The MacGyver Violator

  226. RipL says:


  227. TimO says:

    D’yer Make:

  228. Fizix says:

    Make: Open Accessory
    Access Accessory
    Product Unsealer

  229. Fizix says:

    Internal Revealer

  230. says:

    the toolbox

    the solution

    the answer

    MAKE:OSK (oh shit kit) (from Bre Pettis DIY survival talk)


    MAKE: MultiPlier

    MAKE do

    MAKE: Tool up

    Tool and die

    IRL Photoshop


  231. Robin Debreuil says:

    Hardware Dissection Tool (or Hardware Exploration Tool)
    slogan: Just Add Hammer

    The Regadgetator
    slogan: You can’t keep a good gadget down.

  232. says:

    How about
    Make:Church Key
    I like /dev/tool but that’s just me :)


  233. santiago says:

    whole tool

  234. Malcolm says:

    Make: PACKSOCSS – the first initial of primary features:

    Other possibilities include:

    Make: Inspiration
    Make: Innovator
    Make: Transmogrifier (Word coined by Bill Waterson ~ Calvin & Hobbes)
    Make: Entropy
    Make: De-Maker
    Make: It All
    Make: Murphy
    Make: BTDT (better than duct tape)

  235. Malcolm says:

    Make: PACKSOCSS – the first initial of primary features:

    Other possibilities include:

    Make: Inspiration
    Make: Innovator
    Make: Transmogrifier (Word coined by Bill Waterson ~ Calvin & Hobbes)
    Make: Entropy
    Make: De-Maker
    Make: It All

  236. RobK 5000 says:

    How about:

    the possiblizer
    Make: Possible

  237. RobK 5000 says:

    how about:

    The Possibilier
    Make: Possible

  238. RobK 5000 says:

    how about:

    The Possibilizer
    Make: Possible

  239. jaguarrrr says:

    MAKE: It Open

  240. Dave says:

    The Commons

  241. BMoreOriginal says:

    The Disambiguator

  242. BMoreOriginal says:

    The Frobnicator

  243. K-tWizel says:

    Make: Implementor
    (noun, not verb)
    Make: Working End!
    (i.e. ‘The working end of a…’)

  244. BMoreOriginal says:

    The Potentiator

  245. BMoreOriginal says:

    The Gefingerpoker.

  246. Collin Cunningham says:

    . . . but if i was:


  247. Baroque Fixx says:

    MAKE: Amender
    MAKE: Mecha

  248. BMoreOriginal says:

    The Intertwingler.

  249. GnoWhey says:

    Make: FixIt
    “If it ain’t broke you aren’t trying hard enough.”
    “If it ain’t broke you must be working on your spare.”

  250. carbonbasedunit says:

    The Void-O-Matic, it cuts! It pries! It…unscrews things!
    I keep thinking of the Dan Ackroyd sketch from SNL, Super Bass-O-Matic 76…best link I could find:

    Or how about SuperVoider – More powerful than a shrink-wrap license! Able to leap warrantees in a single bound!

    Lastly, how about HandMod – Upgrade your hand with the best thing since opposable thumbs!

    I can just see the commercials – “Still using a rock to open electronics cases? [caveman smashing a case with a rock, then looking confused and disappointed with results] Then try our new…”

  251. Keith says:

    Since everyone needs a “thingamajig” to have around the house, and since most makers have several, we should call this little guy a:


    in order to differentiate it.

    Variations: think&MAKEjig, thinkaMAKEjig, tinkerMAKEjig.


  252. Dakota C says:


  253. Mr.Biggs says:


    Mr. McTool.

    Pocket full o’ sharp ‘n poky things.

    Compact Robot Neutralizer.

    Blue Unbolter.

    That’s not a corkscrew.

    ‘lil Gouger .


    No, you can’t borrow it.

    Pocket tool sandwich.

    Folding robot nightmare.

    Tool Grandpa doesn’t recognize.

    Cybernetic node deactivator.

    No, there’s no toothpick.

    Things with which to poke one’s eye out with.

    Norwegian Army Knife.

    Attention TSA : NOT A WEAPON.

    Guess the hidden tool.

    No User Serviceable Parts Inside, my ass!

    Make: Bustopenator

  254. radgoos says:

    Make: IT

  255. Nic says:



  256. Baroque Fixx says:

    MAKE: backstage pass
    MAKE: open sesame

  257. dmiff says:

    Make: Responsibly
    Make: It A Double
    Make: And Drive
    Make: Ferment
    Make: DIY + CH3CH2OH -> DIYUI
    Make: DIYUI

    I think Make: Ferment is my favorite.

  258. Nic says:

    Circuit Breaker

  259. Baroque Fixx says:

    Didn’t notice that “open sesame” was taken…

  260. spike says:


    That’s what you’re supposed to do with this tool right? Take stuff apart and reorder it to suit your needs. I needed a name, so I took the word MAKE apart and reordered it!

  261. holotone says:

    The Do-It-Yerself’r
    The Do-It-Yourself’r
    The DIY’r

  262. chmod777 says:

    How about “The DeMaker”

  263. KellyFaerie says:

    I don’t remember seeing these but I might be mistaken:

    Make: Accessible
    Make: User Serviceable

    If not one of my ideas, I vote for one of the following:

    Make: Thing Opener
    MAKR Key
    Your MAKR – as in to meet your maker
    Hack Attack

    Lots of good suggestions here, and a fair bit of truly silly ones. Fun times!

  264. traviscs2k says:

    Make:OLD RED
    Make:Sesame((as in open sesame)bit of a stretch)

  265. Baroque Fixx says:

    MAKE: sharp kid
    MAKE: implement plan b

  266. Yannick Gingras says:


  267. matt joyce says:

    An awl? Wine opener? obviously a romantic tool…

    Make:Clothing Optional

  268. georgeofjungle3 says:

    Make: Reality Rearranger

  269. dmiff says:

    Make: Then Take A Break
    Make: It Easy

  270. georgeofjungle3 says:

    Make: Reality Rearranger
    Make: Reality Reshaper

  271. Gareth Branwyn says:

    I love how loose-brained everybody is. And I mean that in a totally positive way…

  272. fluxion says:

    For “enhancer”…

    That would be “Make:” on one handle, like the older one, and “enhancer” on the other handle.

  273. simon says:

    Make: Deep Blue

  274. Sedgewick17 says:

    How about ” The Wild Blue Modder/or, Modifier”

  275. 4no says:

    Make: Disassembly
    Make: Disassembler

    Make: Breaker

  276. jrg3 says:

    MAKE-It-or-Break-It Tool
    iMAKE It
    Bluezilla 2.0
    Bluezilla 2000
    iHack It
    Pandora’s Key

  277. webslog says:

    spicoli’s old man


    television repairman

    Source: Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Spicoli and L.C. have just waffled L.C.’s brother blue Mustang. L.C. predicts his brother will void his bowels in surprise, kill both of them or do both. Spicoli says “Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

    Why: Because everything goes better with a Fast Times at Ridgemont High quote.

  278. webslog says:

    spicoli’s old man


    television repairman

    Source: From Fast Times at Ridgemont High. L.C. and Spicoli have just waffled L.C.’s brother’s car. L.C. is freaking out, predicting his brother will either void his bowles in surprise, kill them, or do both. Spicoli turns to hims and says “Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.”

    Why: because everything goes better with a Fast Times quote.

  279. webslog says:

    double-post. Sorry all.

  280. chvynut says:

    Devil Ma-Kair
    Fresh Maker

  281. Harley says:

    The Make:Anything

  282. David Worth says:






  283. whosdadog says:

    MAKE: Mischief

  284. says:

    The RDA Effect

    If Ken Burns has his own effect in iMovie, so too should Richard Dean Anderson, Mr. MacGyver himself.

  285. anony says:

    well, i know that my ideas are probably lame, but here goes:

    in case you’re wondering about the theme, i couldn’t think of anything else

  286. gimmelotsarobots says:

    Make: Ice
    Make: Ocean
    Make: Lightning

  287. ireadalota says:

    Tooliere (a french twist on the phrase)

  288. longstride says:


  289. allgo says:

    bigger and toolier
    Make: toolier
    Make: juicey

  290. Dave says:

    How about a Babylon 5 inspired name.
    Call it “The Great Maker!”.

    You could also use

    Make: IT

    Trouble Maker


    The Widget. I’ve always wondered what one looks like

  291. says:

    Deep Blue
    Phantom Blue
    Blue Phantom
    Open Sesame
    BMOO (Big Mother Of an Opener)
    BFT-9000 (Big Freakin’ Tool)
    BTM (Better Than a Manual)
    OYICOI (Oh, Yes I Can Open It!)
    WIT-1000 (What’s In There?)

  292. St.Eligius says:

    Make: Creative Studio Pocked Edition

    Hens the CS4 on the side.

  293. St.Eligius says:

    Make: Creative Studio Pocket Edition

    Spell check doesn’t help the illiterate!

  294. latenightracing says:

    Make: it Now
    Make: Now
    Make: Time Machine
    Maker’s Little Buddy
    Make: #2
    Maker’s Number Two
    Maker’s Little Helper
    Make: Sidekick

  295. blubrick says:

    OK, I’ll try again

    BiggerHammer – Don’t force it, get a BiggerHammer (TM)

    Mach 6 – In honour of the 6 simple machines. (building blocks of all things mechanical)

  296. guzanatak says:

    cuz it is, isn’t it?

  297. ruzter says:


  298. ruzter says:


  299. plasmashears says:

    How about Sapphire Blue?

  300. Yuffie says:

    Circuit breaker.
    Reverse engineer.
    Electron engineer.
    Simple machine.
    Machine key.
    Eye poker?

    Anything with a joke about “manual” in it is also good stuff.

  301. blundo says:

    The pocket toolbox

    The portable toolbox

    The deserted island tool

    The castaway saver

    threat Maker

    exploit finder

  302. GCF says:



    “Makeroni and Cheese”

    “Old Made”

  303. zeckalpha says:


  304. caius says:

    Make: Life hacker

  305. Yan says:

    it’s sort of already been mentioned, but not this variant.

    Also: Undo..Redo..Profit

  306. Yan says:

    1. Make It Mine
    2. undo..redo..profit

  307. elenamurphy says:

    Owner (as in, if you can’t open it you don’t own it…)
    Transmogrifier (should probably check with Mr. Watterson on that one)
    Gretzky (the Great One!)

  308. Tyler_Durden says:

    1.) Go Go Gadget! (Go Go Gadget Make:….
    …….Make: Go Go Gadget ______ (fill in blank with tool being used)

    2.) Make: Loki

    (ie: hand of God………….see. Dogma)

  309. Tyler_Durden says:

    Make: Dinglehopper

  310. Legomoc says:

    Every want to have one.
    But … it’s mine!

  311. blundo says:

    Here’s another one:

    The overpriced can opener!

  312. Scott Eggleston says:

    BlueTool or Blue2L

  313. T. Beerten says:

    OMG, it looks like a monster!


  314. cmrc says:

    I think it should be called the Delver’s tool.

    A Delver is one that digs in and searches laboriously. I think that this is the essence of Making.

    It is not just about tinkering, it is about digging into an unknown and searching for the truth of the matter. Getting past the corporate labyrinths and finding the treasure within. It is about using what you have to make things better for you.

    The Delvers of the past and Makers of the current live by their wits, talents, and skills. They often make do with what they have at hand. They are jacks-of-all-trades.

    Delvers preferred tools that had multiple uses over specialized tools. This allowed them to maximize their abilities and minimize their encumbrance.

    I see many parallels between Makers and Delvers and I think that creating this link between the two sub cultures would be an excellent way to honor the past, while creating the future.

  315. Matt says:

    Make: it
    or maybe
    Break: it

  316. the black dog says:

    Rube (as in Rube Goldberg)
    ¡Chingon! (someone who can get things done, is a total bad ass and is way cool)

  317. Joel says:

    Make: WYSIWYG

  318. Phillip Torrone says:

    ok folks, thanks for all the comments over 300! check our site soon for the winner (closing the comments on this now!)

Comments are closed.

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