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Books piled up with "Humble Bundle Fan Favs + Digital Debuts" written above.

Our latest Humble Bundle pay-what-you-want deal for charity pulls together books that sell out onsite at our flagship Maker Faires as well as new titles just published.

Benefitting Maker Ed, our Humble Bundle always has mystery titles held back for a week before being revealed. The curtain is now up and among the two mystery titles is the first Make: book by esteemed citizen scientist Forrest Mims.

Aptly titled Forrest Mims: Science Experiments — DIY Projects from the Pages of Make:, this book asserts the simple truth that scientific discoveries aren’t only made by professionals. Amateur scientists and citizen scientists have made many discoveries that working scientists are glad to books humble bundle

In fact, many institutions — like NASA — rely upon the work that amateurs do and the discoveries that they make. Amateur scientists have discovered significant dinosaur fossils, found new species of plants, and identified many new comets and asteroids. Their discoveries have been published in scientific journals and books.

Written by the foremost amateur scientist practicing in the U.S. today, this book covers the essential skills, methods, and procedures that you need to begin working, thinking, inquiring, and recording like a real scientist.

The first of a planned three-volume set taking us all the way from the caves to present day, William Gurstelle’s ReMaking History, volume 1 is the other new title just revealed for our Humble Bundle deal.

new books humble bundleIn it, Gurstelle poses such delicious questions as: How did cavemen see to draw on the walls? What constituted a practical joke in ancient Greece? What did a nun have to do with fishing tackle? By answering these questions logically, he brings the people, history, and inventions that have shaped human culture throughout the millennia into a recognizable focus.

Drawn from the author’s collected columns in Make: magazine, the ReMaking History series begins in Volume 1 by taking a closer look at DIY science efforts beginning at the dawn of civilization and stretching forward to the 18th century.

Perfect for readers ages 11 and up, this book not only lets you learn about history and science through stories, but actually has you touch the past by recreating some of its greatest inventions.


Just released and scheduled to be a part of an upcoming Cosplay Humble Bundle launching Oct. 12, Shawn Thorsson’s Make: Props and Costume Armor combines Shawn’s irreverent wit with his deadly serious devotion to costume and prop production.

new books humble bundleWhether you want to emulate your favorite video game hero, comic book star, movie character, or a ninja of your own devising—Shawn’s book shows you how to use ordinary items to create a great costume. Often it requires little more than a special way of working with paper.

You’ll learn to use Pepakura Designer software to sketch, utilize the anti-fatigue mats that cashiers stand on to create realistic looking armor, get up to speed on basic rotocasting techniques, and even learn how to pose for pictures and interact with your legion of fans.

Humorous, frank, and complete, this is an essential text for anyone who has ever fantasized about wowing the crowd at Comic-Con or simply being the best dressed this Halloween.

Charles Platt’s introductory book, Make: Electronics, pioneered the concept of Learning by Discovery and has dominated its field for six years. Now Charles applies the same entertaining system of inquiry to teach the safe and satisfying use of tools, from the humble hammer to the versatile cordless drill.

He simply titled it Make: Tools and it just hit the stands, not part of any particular deal but actually just a super great book for any workshop.

new books humble bundleThis book emphasizes fun while teaching the fundamentals of using workshop tools. Like all good tutorials, it begins at the beginning, with nothing more than a handsaw and a bottle of carpenter’s glue.

By the book’s end, you’ll know how to create your own complex designs and feel confident with procedures ranging from making miter joints to bending plastic. You’ll become proficient with all the basic hand tools by tackling more than 20 hands-on projects that don’t require a big investment in time and materials.

Best of all, there’s no need for a fancy workshop — everything Charles describes can be done on a kitchen table.

Our Maker Faire Faves and Digital Debuts Humble Bundle supports Maker Ed, the nonprofit devoted to offering opportunities to students to become Makers. The deal allows you to pay what you want for $330 worth of our ebooks. But it does end! Name your price before 10:59amPT next Wednesday, Oct. 12. It’s a win-win-win. All of us.

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