Don’t Miss Out: Tune in for the Live Stream of Maker Faire New York

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Don’t Miss Out: Tune in for the Live Stream of Maker Faire New York

mf16ny_badge_255When the job you are doing is fun enough, it doesn’t feel like work. That’s how I feel about getting to host the live video stream at Maker Faire. Running around showing off cool wares and interesting makers is exhausting, maybe more exhausting than some of my other duties, but it is also more fun. You should get to World Maker Faire in person if possible, there’s really nothing better than being there in person. However, if you can’t get there, tune into our Twitch Channel to watch our live stream, sponsored by Digi-Key!

We experimented a bit with live streaming from some recent Maker Faires, in particular, I think we really did well for Maker Faire Detroit.

I’m so eager to do the live stream at World Maker Faire New York that I’ve been scanning our rosters for cool things to show off.  Here are 10 that I think will be awesome on the stream. Of course, the nature of the live stream means that anything could happen and there’s no grantee I’ll get to these people, but I’d certainly love to get them on the stream .

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ISSIE – International Space Station Interesting Exercise

Zero gravity weakens your body! Living in space means hours a day of exercise. ISSIE is a 10-year-old girl’s mission to make exercise more fun on the International Space Station — and on Earth! We’re making mixed reality games powered with exercise.

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It is nearly impossible to convey how pumped up you feel when a roving marching band appears and starts playing. You just can’t help it! Sometimes people drop what they’re doing and dance. Sometimes they just stand there dumbfounded but exhilarated, no matter what, it is wonderful!


An interactive sculpture that helps people see how they experience time differently. This should be interesting to see in action!

Touch Creature

The touch creature is a tentacle covered robot that responds to human touch. Could there possibly be a more amusing sounding thing to bring into a crowd? I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.

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Tesla Instruments

Traditional instruments fitted with robotic parts that allow them to be played remotely or by MIDI. They have their own unique sound and style and it is surprisingly good. (no, that’s not them playing in the video)



The Orbital Rendersphere

This thing is a giant POV Globe Display. That means that it is actually a hoop, covered in LEDs that is spinning super fast. It is most impressive in person, but hopefully we can show it in action on the stream! Here’s a teaser.



This is a giant multi-legged walking machine. Do I really need to say more?


The Moat Boat Paddle Battle

people bring their rubber band powered, 3d printed boats and race them in a moat. I’ve heard stories of the crazy water flinging hijinks at this event, maybe I should bring a boat!



Mural Painting by the Harlem Art Collective

This group will be painting a mural during the weekend. Hopefully we will get multiple chances to swing by and see it evolve!



This art installation is hypnotic. There is a tiny ball that draws in the sand. It is fun to watch it move, but also awe inspiring when you see the patterns reveal themselves.

So, how can you watch? Tune in to our Twitch channel and keep an eye on the schedule. Here is our super rough (this will most likely change) schedule of events:


9:50 Welcome! At the main gates with Caleb
10:30 Dan Shapiro & Glowforge Show & Tell Stage
11:00 Grant Imahara Main Auditorium
11:30 Getting Started with Drones Show & Tell Stage
11:45 GSW Raspberry Pi Show & Tell Stage
12:00 PM PPPRS Sprint Race PPPRS TRack PPPRS
12:30 Chewbacca Hacking Maker to Market
13:00 Roaming Camera Block Everywhere with Caleb
13:45 Getting Started with CNC Show & Tell Stage
14:15 Roaming Camera with Caleb
3:00 PM  PPPRS Sprint Race 2 PPPRS Track PPPRS
15:30  Start Making! Show & Tell Stage
16:00  Roaming Camera with Caleb
16:45  Youtubers! Show & Tell Stage Stage
17:30  Coke Zero & Mentos at the Unisphere with Caleb

9:50 Welcome at the main gates with Caleb
10:30 3d printing: Expectations Vs. Reality Show & Tell Stage
11:00 Family Projects for Smart Objects Show & Tell Stage
11:30 Anyone Can Make: Next Gen Computing Maker to Market
12:00 The Art of Motion Control Show & Tell Stage
12:30 Power Racing Series Endurance Race PPPRS PPPRS
13:00 Power racing pit walk PPPRS with Caleb
13:30 Power racing endurance conclusion PPPRS PPPRS
14:00 Custom Beaglebone Blacks
14:00 Roaming Camera with Caleb
15:00 Free to Make Show & Tell Stage
15:30 Roaming Camera with Caleb
16:30 R2D2 Builder’s Club Show & Tell Stage
17:30  Coke Zero & Mentos at the Unisphere with Caleb


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