NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Sony’s FutureScapes

NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Sony’s FutureScapes

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NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Sony’s FutureScapes vis Beyond the Beyond.

What do you imagine the world will look like in 2025? The FutureScapes project brings together a range of expert thinkers, designers, futurologists, writers and you – the public – to explore the opportunities and challenges of life in 2025, and to consider the potential contribution that technology and entertainment can make in shaping a better, more sustainable future.
In this last video they persona says “We’re now in the process of setting up the third makerspace for our community…” That’s cool, in 2025 Sony will finally be embracing makers.

6 thoughts on “NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Sony’s FutureScapes

  1. Adam Flaherty (@adfm) says:

    I see what you did there.

  2. Piotr says:

    I hope that people will be able to use holographic monitors (such as the one showed in the movie) in the near future. It might be more heallthy (due to comfortable body positions when using it) and it might hide some innovative uses in daily life (which might be discovered when they will be broadly accessible). Having said that, in my opinion the world in 2025 in therms of thechnology will not be so much far off from what we have today.

  3. darr247 says:

    Even lithium-ion batteries are still too heavy to stay up all night waiting for the PV cells to take over the motors and start charging again, so until power-density increases a little-more, you’ll have to platoon them, running mostly off PV’s during the day while the battery-powered-only units go up just at night. That makes them (and YOU) more-vulnerable, especially during recovery of the landing unit.

    Also, fixed wing platforms can stay up more-efficiently than the rotary wing model in the picture, catching thermals here and there during the day, though it doesn’t aid takedown evasion much… still, it would look more-natural on radar than ‘a duck’ hovering in the same spot for hours at a time.

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