Nick Britsky on i3 Detroit at Maker Faire

Nick Britsky of i3 Detroit has a piece on Detroit Blog/ about some of the awesome things he and his fellow i3ers are showing off at this weekend’s Maker Faire Detroit. You had me at Twinkie Cannon:

Beer Growler Pneumatic Organ: Recycling is the way to go with our Beer Growler Pneumatic Organ. This set of 13 water-filled, tuned beer growlers – built by Matt Switlik – is a chromatic scale for eerie music. The power comes from 13 custom-built bellows and tubing.

Giant Twinkie Car with Pneumatic Twinkie Launcher: Nothing is more fun than the all-American food of the Twinkie…unless you are launching them at 30 MPH into crowds from a giant Twinkie car. Built by Russ Wolfe, this project is the next evolution of the famous i3 Detroit Cupcake Car.

Arduino Quadcopter: Take to the skies with a custom built four-rotor quadcopter. Controlled by the popular Arduino platform, this creation continues to push the boundaries of our space flying, both indoors and out. It’s fast, maneuverable, fun and built by Eric Merrill.

Giant Statue of “Red Green,” Made of Duct Tape: Red Green visited i3 Detroit July 17, so I told him I would build a giant statue in his honor out of duct tape if he visited. He agreed and kept his word. This massive monument is almost the full height of our shop and has controls for his arms and mouth along with fire breathing.

After outlining a bunch more projects, he concludes:

This is less than 5 percent of the total makers you’ll see at Maker Faire Detroit – so one can only imagine the diversity and creativity of 300+ more individuals just like these. Bring your family and friends to this unique event that will hopefully be an annual gathering of knowledge, fun and ingenuity. Tickets are still available at The Henry Ford or at the door.

Back downtown, i3 Detroit will have the official after-party following the first night of Maker Faire Detroit tomorrow (July 31). Take a tour of our shop, relax with a drink and meet the members that will help extend Maker Faire Detroit and the spirit of Henry Ford year-round. More details can be found at our Web site.

Unfiltered: Nick Britsky on Must-Sees at Maker Faire

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