One 3D Printer Filament, Various Levels Of Squish

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One 3D Printer Filament, Various Levels Of Squish

When you’ve been using a 3D Printer for a little while, you start to really get curious about printing things that aren’t just your standard hard plastic. There are many options out there, but one I find particularly fascinating are flexible or soft filaments.

TPU is typically what you hear about and the softness is measured in “shore rating”. Basically, the lower the number of a shore rating, the more soft and flexible it is. TPU can best be compared to rubber or a tough foam.

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In this video, Lost In Tech shows tests out a very interesting filament that is supposedly variable in the shore harness. The hotter you print it, the softer it gets. It is called Varioshore, and according to the video, it actually works pretty well.

An added benefit to this system is that the material can be more rigid when entering the extruder, which should save some headaches when it comes to printing as many printers struggle with pushing flexible materials through the system.

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