Open Source Hardware Certifications For October 2023

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Open Source Hardware Certifications For October 2023

The Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) runs a free program that allows creators to certify that their hardware complies with the community definition of open source hardware.  Whenever you see the certification logo, you know that the certified hardware meets this standard.

Currently the Certification database lists over 2500 individual certifications! In October we added 70 new certifications, from data loggers to breakout boards and everything in between we were happy to have new and recurring names show up! Since October is Open Hardware Month and we especially encourage certification during it we are going to show you six certifications that we love and are pumpkin spiced for OHM!

Pico Daisy IUD US002567

Photo via Ayesha Iftiqhar-Wilson

We love this new sewable development board designed by Ayesha Iftiqhar-Wilson! We were ecstatic to partner with Iftiqhar-Wilson on a certification series for Open Hardware Month that followed this board from completion to certification. You can even watch Ayesha live certify it here:

NASA-JPL Open Source Rover UID US002551

Photo via NASA-JPL

The NASA-JPL Open Source Rover is a scaled down replica of the latest NASA-JPL Rover. It’s also super cool. You can build your very own Rover with entirely off the shelf consumer products and the help of the very thorough GitHub. Then you can have it rove your home, your yard, your local park, wherever you want it to really!

Banned Books UID US002539

Photo via Cyberspace and Technology Lab

The Cyberspace and Technology Lab is back with another genderless fragrance, this one is inspired by the book Brave New Word. They recommend sampling Banned Books to “imagine a world you’d like to see.” With notes of bergamot, patchouli, oakmoss and more it’s going to give you an alluring scent.

Forest Hub UID CA000033

Photo via Neil Squire Society

The Forest Hub emulates a USB mouse and/or USB gamepad using an externally connected analog joystick and other assistive switches. This device provides an adaptive, customizable input option for people with disabilities to navigate online and game with ease.

Spark UID NO000005

Photo via Lightside Instruments

Spark is a project that provides a base-board and rack enclosure for a modular platform for use as a development kit for programmable network elements such as switchers, routers, network testers and more. It’s also the fifth open source certified creation coming from Norway.

Protonema 1620A UID CA000034

Photo via David Slik

The Protonema 1620A by OSHWA board member David Slik is an ALU trainer for teaching about the use and functions of an arithmetic logic unit. The initial features include: A and B inputs, F output, control signals for ALU function selection and a manual clock.

You can keep up with updates on all the latest certifications by following our certification bot on mastodon or submit your project to be certified today at 

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