Outbound Faire comments

Outbound Faire comments

Photo by Marc de Vinck

Here are a few answers to the question “What was your favorite part?” that people posted on our Maker Faire Detroit Facebook page and on Twitter as they left the event. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this such a wonderful and memorable weekend. We hope the event was fun, informative, and inspiring. From the “exit poll” data, this looks to be the case.

Jen Johnson
I liked the stitch zone and crafty areas, bf liked the future of transportation talk the best, and we both agree that The Henry Ford was a perfect venue!!

Alisa Osborne Seccia

I was completely amazed! I loved all of the needlecraft and my little one was wowed by all of the robotics and really cool inventions. What a great time.

Deborah Kaplan
The look on my son’s face throughout the day… Now he keeps asking me when he can take apart the TV!!! Gotta keep my eye on my appliances :-)

Mark Kayser
Talking with people like Bre Pettis of MakerBot and hearing them say “You can do this.” or “You need to go see _______ for more info about how to do this part.” To talk to people about what I dream of and not have them look at me like I am crazy!

Wesley Faler
All the wide-eyed excitement! Young and old, people could not stop smiling.

Casey Buchanan
The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir made me laugh hysterically!

Derrick Karteczka
The friendliness & knowledge of everyone working there. Whenever I or my 6 year old daughter had a question, they answered it perfectly for either of us.

Steven Ray Stuart
When the operator of the time machine said to a curious young lad fiddling with the machine, “You shouldn’t play with switches when you don’t know what they do”. Sound advice on a time machine!

Brian Howell

Both my kids said their favorite thing was silk screening their own t-shirts. Those guys were great!

I really dug seeing all the CNC machines, the i3Detriot stuff was clever, and the craftsmanship on Big Dog was awesome to see up close.

Ran into Leo Laporte, and all I could think to say was “how are ya?!” :o) Felt like a dork.

Will Retluoc
Wow! Please come back next year. So much inspiration.

And a few from Twitter:

Walking away with too many #ideas and #projects

Our @makerfaire experience is about to reach its end. What a ridiculously inspiring and amazing weekend!

Good bye Detroit City #makerfaire you were amazing! @thehenryford was an incredible host, we hope to be as good @nysci for World #makerfaire

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