Petal to the Metal

Petal to the Metal is an Etsy shop by crafter Robyn Devine who’s created an alternative to traditional wedding flowers. Featured in her store are handmade bouquets and boutonnieres, as well as flower bunches for one-of-a-kind centerpieces — much more cost effective than real flowers. (And they *will* last forever!) If you don’t have time to knit, crochet, or craft your own flowers, that’s ok! Robyn’s handmade creations will give you the DIY look you want.
Made with vegan-friendly yarns, you can choose from over 40 colors and a variety of sizes and styles. Prices range from $20 – $65 for custom orders, and ready-made flowers will be coming to the site this summer at a discounted price. For now through the rest of the year Petal to the Metal is offering a free groom’s boutonniere with every purchase! Just type in the code p2tmoffer at checkout.