Pitches with Prototypes

The energy and creativity of makers is inspiring. So many people creating things motivated by curiosity, interest or passion to learn, solve a problem, or just feel the satisfaction of accomplishment. Every so often a maker develops what could be a product and wants to take it to market. These folks we call maker pros and they’re a special breed we wanted to feature at this year’s Hardware Innovation Workshop (HIW).

The chasm is huge between being a maker pro with a promising prototype and being a start-up with a shipping product. Bridging that gap is a big challenge especially those doing it for the first time. We wanted to use the platforms of HIW and Maker Faire to give worthy products some special visibility.

A call was put out for interested makers to promote their prototype to us in a video. From these submissions five makers were selected to pitch at HIW. Attendees voted for the idea with the best prospects and the winner presented on stage at Maker Faire.

The whirlwind of prototypes and pitches was a blast. Everyone had a chance to meet the makers and see their products at the HIW Prototype Pavilion. Now it’s your turn. Below are videos from the actual Pitches with Prototypes event. Watch the videos. Who would you vote for?

(The winner is named at the end … but don’t cheat, watch first!)

Electronics Factory

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And the winner by popular acclaim was LightUp!

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