Rebrand your iPod the old fashioned way

Rebrand your iPod the old fashioned way

This hack shows how to turn Apple’s branded white headphones into black ones in order to fool people into thinking that you are not just part of a worldwide marketing campaign. We like the simplicity of using a Sharpie to color the cables, but we wonder if your skin will when the ink sinks into your bloodstream and turns you into a vampire.

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14 thoughts on “Rebrand your iPod the old fashioned way

  1. Aud1073cH says:

    I did a sharpie mouse (black/silver) a few years ago… I find that the ink on the cord tends to fade to its base color (blue in my case) over time.

    I’ve heard of people using vinyl dye with good results, but haven’t tried it myself. – anyone?

  2. Mystech says:

    The standard issue iPod headphones are so bad, they aren’t worth coloring. Even the <$20 from an department store perform better.

  3. anon says:

    You are not “hacking your ipod” by taking a marker to the headphone wires. Seriously, this kind of thing makes MAKE sound ridiculous.

  4. edosan says:

    If you’re that embarrassed to own an ipod maybe you shouldn’t get one.

  5. Tod E. Kurt says:

    I’m not embarrassed. Apple products are pretty much okay, but I don’t want to shill for them unless I’m getting paid.

    And yeah calling this a hack is a bit much…oh wait, gotta go hack my laundry by putting it in the dryer!

  6. joe says:

    I’m surprised this wasn’t a link to a 10-step instructable…

  7. Roeurn says:

    @Mystech I generally like the iPod headphones, you can’t find other headphones with the iphone microphone for under $70. And to pay 70+ dollars for black is insane. So I can sympathize,

    Some of the comments on the site are very insightful, going over the line with fine sandpaper, using some type of dye, and coating with some other clear material are all good (if not better)ideas.

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