ReMade, a hackerspace documentary

A group of dedicated hackers from Chicago are working on a full-length documentary about the maker and hackerspace movement. Calling themselves Electromagnate, Jordan, Jim, Chris, Kadi, and Madelynn are working hard to meet with hackers and makers from all over the country, to find out their motivations and capture where they think the movement is heading.

They’re looking to raise funds for equipment and travel, and have a Kickstarter project set up to accept donations for this worthy cause. I can’t wait to see their film!

We are a small group of hackerspace members who are dedicated to showing the maker and hacker community to the world. Our goal is to complete a full-length feature documentary about the maker movement focused on the formation of hackerspaces in the US and the collective experiences of the people at its forefront. Our plan is to complete this project within roughly one year.

As part of the movement ourselves, we are pursuing a D.I.Y. approach to this documentary’s production. We feel the need to build our own camera equipment and make our original designs available to the public.

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