Reprap Research Foundation: get yer Reprap parts here

Reprap Research Foundation: get yer Reprap parts here


Zach Smith writes:

I’m happy to bring you news today that we have gotten our incorporation papers back, and the RepRap Research Foundation (RRRF) is now an official non-profit corporation according to the United States of America. We are now working on the next stage, which is to achieve tax exemption. (If anyone is a lawyer or knows one that would like to help with this pro-bono, please have them contact us!)

So, what exactly is the RRRF? Well, it is an organization dedicated to helping researchers (you!) involved in the RepRap project. The goal is to play a support role by offering research parts for sale at low prices. They will remain separate entities, but will obviously maintain a close relationship.

Buy the parts, build a Reprap, post lots of pix of what you make! Link

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