Retweetable Tweets from HIW

Today’s great line-up of speakers at the second and final day of the Hardware Innovation Workshop let fly a flurry of great tweets. Here is but a sampling of the buzz:

Bilal Ghalib ‏@bilalghalib34m Protip. The very core of your crowd funding campaign is your authenticity. Focus on social capital #makeHIW 

Rachel Kalmar ‏@grapealope36m Crowdfunding is more about the crowd and less about the funding. People want to be part of community effort to create. @katedrane #MakeHIW

Drew Fustini ‏@pdp751m “patents don’t promote innovation anymore, they are the weapons of corporate warfare” warns @benkaufman at #makehiw

Dale Dougherty ‏@dalepd54m GE’s patent portfolio made available for alternate uses through Quirky. Ben’s killer prez. @benkaufman #makehiw

Maarten den Braber ‏@mdbraber1h If you’re not watching the Make: Live stream now – you should. Period  #makehiw

The Robot Launch Pad ‏@RobotLaunch1h “We can’t have an Internet of things if we don’t share the data” @grapealope #makeHIW

Bilal Ghalib ‏@bilalghalib2h Vision: world where society wants science & engineers as badly as it needs them. #makeHIW I love this talk, join us:

David Proctor ‏@duppy43m Look closely. “raise money” is last in a list of four reasons to choose crowdfunding #MakeHIW

Super-Awesome Sylvia ‏@MakerSylvia2h AWESOME!! @Make arduino and arduino book in swag bags! SWAG BAGS!! ohmyglob #MakeHIW And #lightup won lasts nights vote!! WOOO HOOO!

mickey wilson ‏@Mickey_Wilson25m Yummy maker pops at #MakeHIW @SherryHuss #littlebeepops

Indiegogo ‏@Indiegogo26m RT @shahoo: Sometimes crowdfunding is just humans wanting to help humans. #makeHIW @Indiegogo

WikiCAD ‏@wikicad30m mRT @grapealope: Totally impressed by @carlbass (and everyone I’ve met @autodesk). They’re weird, they break rules, and make things #makeHIW

Matthew F. Reyes ‏@motorbikematt44m Same here! RT @shahoo: Okay, @benkaufman convinced me, I’m now a fan of @quirky #makeHIW

MakingSociety ‏@makingsociety1h “In the Internet of Things, data is the currency” @grapealope @misfitwearables #makeHIW

The food at #makehiw has been amazing. If @mayviva finds out what they’ve been feeding me here, there will be tears. #makeHIW

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