Roof making

Roof making

Maffiou’s Instructable on roofmaking – “Not that long ago, I purchased a building whose roof was made of cement sheets known to contain asbestos. As I intended to move in with my wife and kids, there was no way I was keeping it like that: So I decided to change the roof for a standard tiled roof. An experienced mate of mine help me a lot and I thought I would pass on the info as it is really quite basic and really good fun.”Link.

4 thoughts on “Roof making

  1. wiljefv says:

    The guy in the pic isn’t wearing a mask so I thought at first he was being exposed to all the asbestos but upon actually reading the link I learned that he was just grinding down a concrete wall. They did follow necessary safety procedures.

    The author said special disposal had to be done but didn’t explain exactly what that was. Anyone know? Is it sealed in some sort of container and then buried in the ground?

  2. matthew_kleinmann says:

    I do not now about roofing, but the asbestos in the asbestos siding is quite stable, unless you break it up. If you are concerned about asbestos contamination, about the worst thing you can do is remove it. Now you have asbestos dust, which is a problem.

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