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Shovercraft – Best of Weekend Projects

Homemade hovercrafts + shuffleboard = shovercraft!

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While Bre takes a break, you get to revisit the best of Weekend Projects!

Get your motors running, put your safety helmet, ear protection and safety glasses on, steady your fire extinguishers and prop open your first aid kit… Now you’re ready for he ultimate in diy sports – Shovercraft! Combining all the thrills of a personal hovercraft with the targeting challenges of shuffleboard, shovercraft is the ultimate in frictionless fun!

Go download the instructions and make your own. I can’t wait until people start posting their hovercrafts to the make flickr pool!

Of course if you subscribe in itunes, the videos get downloaded automatically for you, no muss no fuss. You can browse all the Make: videos on and youtube at your leisure!

6 thoughts on “Shovercraft – Best of Weekend Projects

  1. eccramer says:

    I still think that you should make a movie about an underground shoverboard racing league called “The Fast and the Frictionless”. Have a good and restful break Bre, and keep putting up classics like this. May I suggest Picnic Geometry next?

  2. Senseless says:

    I’m looking at that and wondering if you used a piece of shower pan instead of 6 mil plastic if it might hold up better for you.

    I’d think stopping on a concrete surface would wear the plastic out pretty quickly.

  3. Binary Maestro says:

    I made one of these several years back in the 6th grade for a project. We used a round board. some sort of pipe insulation around the edges of it to keep it nice and soft. For the skirt we used a clear plastic shower curtain that was pretty thick. For the center piece we used a round piece of plastic that came from a coffee can i believe. Then we cut holes in the curtain around it. It work really well, floated nicely. Our principle even jumped on it and rode down the street. (we used gas blower) Then i made another one with same basic concepts, but with electric blower and 100 feet of extension cord… it worked just as well until you reached 101 feet.

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