Sierra Bravo’s Overnight Website Challenge

Sierra Bravo’s Overnight Website Challenge


Geek Squad’s Founder and Chief Inspector, Robert Stephens, sent Make: television some info about an upcoming event that he’s judging called the Overnight Website Challenge. The event sounds really cool and all of the effort goes to helping 12 nonprofits. Mark Hurlburt is one of the event’s organizers,

“The event is kind of a creative marathon. 120 people get together and spend 24 hours in a room making something that has a direct and measurable impact on the ability of the nonprofits to accomplish their mission. It’s all about putting the nerdy and the needy together in one room and watching amazing things happen!”

For more info on this event, check out

For live updates during the event, visit

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2 thoughts on “Sierra Bravo’s Overnight Website Challenge

  1. Jodi says:

    We’re pretty pumped about the event. As someone who is relatively new to Sierra Bravo, the whole idea that they do this just amazes me. Every moment I spend working on the event is rewarding, because I know it’s for such a good cause.

    This will be my first year reporting live, and it should be interesting. I don’t know how getting 100+ web developers in a room for 24 plus hours can’t be interesting.

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