A Simple, Inexpensive Computer for Developing Nations Hits it Big at Home

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A Simple, Inexpensive Computer for Developing Nations Hits it Big at Home

Kickstarter campaign for Endless Computer, a low cost desktop unit aimed at the developing world, has eclipsed its $100,000 funding goal with 22 days left on its campaign.

“This product has been designed in the developing world, side by side with our users,” the Endless team wrote. “We went into the field and into people’s homes, sat on their couches and floors and asked them every question we could in order to understand how technology could change their lives.”

Endless runs a custom Linux distribution designed to operate well without internet access, and the computer features an Intel Celeron N2807 processor, 2GB RAM, HDMI/VGA out, 3 USB ports, Gigabit LAN, a 3.5mm audio jack and 32GB/500GB hard drive configurations.

In the fall of 2013, after rejecting an offer from a large computer manufacturer, the team decided it would build its own hardware, according to the Kickstarter page. The egg shaped desktop is designed to use pre-existing television sets as monitors and delivers a custom app ecosystem tailored specifically for users in target communities.

Because Endless was specifically designed for less developed areas, the development team says they were surprised when their friends started asking for their own units, often for elderly family members who need a simple and reliable system. Kickstarter rewards of Endless units, according to the campaign organizers, may be the last time that Endless Computers are officially available outside of the developing world.

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