Steampunk, Robots, and Comics: a Weekend of Making Across Germany!

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Steampunk, Robots, and Comics: a Weekend of Making Across Germany!

This coming weekend, March 23 & 24th, three separate Maker Faires will inspire, instruct, and delight audiences of all ages across Germany. With no fewer than 12 events this year, it is evident that the German public has a rich choice of making experiences and

The 4th edition of Maker Faire Ruhr, held by the DASA Working World Exhibition in Dortmund in Germany’s northwest, over 60 exhibits and hands-on activities will fill the day. Maker Faire Ruhr is long established in the German maker scene, exhibiting regional and national innovation in design, IT, art, and handicraft. For the first time, the “Maker Girls” from Königswinter will be at the event, guaranteeing plenty of female power. WDR5 (TV channel) kitchen experimenter Sascha Ott provides lots of action with amazing experiments, while “Zirkus Meer” has come up with a special tribute to the 500th anniversary of the universal scholar Leonardo da Vinci’s death and will surprise the guests with a new twist from the genius’ sphere of influence.

As always there will be plenty of steampunk on hand with the Abacus Theatre and Dampfzirkus Papenburg!

Here’s a look at their 2017 event:

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Maker Faire Sachsen, hosted at the Stadthalle Chemnitz, a performing arts center in the eastern city of Chemnitz, celebrates a diversity of projects and experiences in its 3rd year. The event not only pulls visitors, makers, and enthusiasts for Saxony, but also from the burgeoning Czech and Polish maker scenes. Historically a center of German manufacturing, inventors and tinkerers have called Chemnitz home for over 200 years. The city is a vibrant technology hub that is continually reinventing itself.

In 2018, the event hosted some 60 exhibits, over half of which involved hands on activities, including the ever popular One Love Machine Band by Kolja Kugler. 

Comics creators Fistful Fumetti will be on hand this year to enage audiences in their wacky, weird designs in MEKANO TURBO by Alexis Ziritt & Ralph Niese and POLY CHRONOS comic series by Ralph Niese. They also build models and will be sharing their work and building techniques.

Goodleg Toys will show how comics are created in the Art and Design zone of the faire – how comic heroes are transformed from the sketch to the casting and stylish packaging into plastic action figures.

Another special treat this year will be a miniature golf course with a maker aspect!

The spirit of ingenuity organizers bring to Maker Faire Sachsen and its effect on the region is exemplified by Conrad Koczielski, head of the Wavesurfer AG of the European Gymnasium Waldenburg, where students learn electronics, electrical engineering and programming. Through his participation at the event, Conrad has created contacts with companies that want to promote and get to know tomorrow’s skilled workers. A great example of how the Maker Faire can be used as a platform for innovation and workforce development.

Think it, make it, share it!  The Minden-Lübbecke Mini Maker Faire  opens its doors for the first time this year, bringing the maker spirit to. If you always wanted to know how a kart track works, you can find out at the Minden Crafts Training Centre. At the booth of the Berufskolleg Lübbecke fine dust sensors can be copied and the team from Moorhus shows how plastic-free cosmetics can be produced!

What you see above is just a tiny taste of what is represented at these three unique, dynamic Maker Faires! Be sure to check out their sites – Ruhr, Maker Faire Sachsen, and Minden-Lübbecke Mini Maker Faire  for location and ticket information.

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