Teacup Stirling engine

Teacup Stirling engine

Gorgeous teacup Stirling engine, spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool.

From MAKE magazine:


Check out MAKE, Volume 17: The Lost Knowledge issue! Buy your copy in the Maker Shed, Subscribe to MAKE, or Access the Digital Edition (if you’re already a subscriber).

We have a teacup Stirling engine project in MAKE, Volume 17.

6 thoughts on “Teacup Stirling engine

  1. SoLasVegas says:

    For those of you who are wondering, these are available as a kit on Ebay or from this website: http://www.stirlingengine.co.uk/index.asp.

    They look to be beautifully crafted, and are available in many different colors. There is also an inverted model available.

    1. SoLasVegas says:

      Sorry, the link above isn’t working because of the period at the end. Here it is again: http://www.stirlingengine.co.uk/index.asp

      1. Roeurn says:

        I really thought this was a Stirling Tea Bag Dipper:(

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