The Deconstruction: An Awesome Un-Competition

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The Deconstruction is coming and you can participate. This event, referred to as an un-competition, can be a bit hard to explain at times.

The Deconstruction is a live-streamed global event and game about re-thinking objects and ideas. The goal is to make the world a slightly better (or, at least, slightly more interesting) place over the course of 48 hours.  Participants are challenged to use the resources they have readily available and as little money possible. This un-competition is open to anyone, anywhere, of any age and skill level.

Basically, it is a celebration of ingenuity and creativity, set to take place… everywhere. You set up a live camera wherever you are and stream your team’s entry live as you make it, break it, remix it, or whatever you’re going to do.

The live feeds all flow through the home office of the deconstruction where it is brodcast and curated like a tv broadcast by some interesting and unique hosts.

Last year there were over 50 teams participating from all over the globe. A few of those projects really stood out.

The DRM Chair, a chair that self destructs after a pre set number of uses.


Insanely dangerous propeller powered vehicle

If you would like to participate in The Deconstruction, you’ve got go get signed up as soon as possible on their site. The actual event begins on November 14th.

While this is an un-competition, there are still some prizes available. The actual items involved with these prizes are still in the process of being determined, but the titles are in place.

-The 2014 Deconstruction Award:  This is the grand prize (the one for the Full Spectrum Laser 3D Printer).  Judging is based on a combination of overall concept,  creative repurposing of objects and ideas, and documentation.  This is the “make the world an awesomer-er place award”


– The 2014 Deconstruction “ Problem Solving” Award: This award is given to the team who best isolates a real problem and deconstructs a real solution to that problem.   This is the “make the world a better place award”.

-The 2014 Deconstruction “Best in Internets” Award:  This award is given  to the team who produces the most fun and entertaining 48-hour live stream during their build.   Costumes, karaoke, jousting, streaming kitten cam, bring it on. This is the “make the internet a better place award”.

-The 2014 Deconstruction “Young Maker Award”: Given to a team of students who best use teamwork, and collaborative problem solving skills during the 48 hours.

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