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The Egg Cuber – “Make a square egg”

The Egg Cuber – “Make a square egg”

If you’re tired of boring egg shaped eggs you might be able to find (or re-make) this old Egg Cuber. WARNING: This does not actually make chickens lay square eggs… [via] – Link & video.

Egg Cuber (photos) – Link.

16 thoughts on “The Egg Cuber – “Make a square egg”

  1. shifzr says:

    hehee – i remember we had that exact thing at home when i was a kid in the 70s – it sure was fascinating!

  2. doctor.allen says:

    They have much more elaborate versions of this in Japan for making cute bento box lunches. I’ve seen bear, bunny, heart, star, “pumpkin flower,” which is a type of star, car, and fish-shaped egg molds.

    I wonder: Are Play-Doh molds food-safe?

  3. wrique says:

    Back in grade 10 science class, after performing an experiment on the permeability of membranes using plastic sausage casing and eggs, I created a hard boiled egg sausage by dropping the encased egg into boiling water.

    Now I wonder if – to go with my sausage-shaped eggs – one could make egg-shaped sausages as well….

  4. jdubiner says:

    Not sure if the site is still up, but this reminds me of….

  5. pinkfrog says:

    You can still buy this exact same product, wacky packaging and all today. I got mine at World Market. People I’ve served eggs to swear they taste different somehow. Guess presentation is everything!

  6. Dirkus says:

    Perhaps this can be re-made as as egg… umm… “cylindricizer” with a couple film cans. Poke a few tiny holes in the bottom edges of two film cans so the air can escape and the egg can fill out the bottom and top edges. Drop a freshly boiled, shelled and still very warm egg in one can, and jam the second can into the top of the first, squeezing the egg into the shape of the can. The press fit should be tight enough to hold them in place without any threads or clamps for a few moments while the egg “sets”. Wait a minute (maybe drop this whole thing in cold water to help it set) and then pop off the top film can and blow air into the holes in the bottom of the film can with the egg in it to force it out. BONUS POINTS: Create a logo out of thin (maybe 1/16th or 1/32nd inch thick) plastic, and glue it on the bottom of the top film can so it gets pressed into the egg. Cylindrical, monogrammed eggs for breakfast, anyone?

    Second thought: those are gonna have to be some small eggs, to fit in a film can. :/ Anyone got a better idea?

  7. LaRoux says:

    It’s also awesome to play “guess what this is!” with the Egg Cuber – out of context, it’s really hard to figure out what this thing does!

  8. JetCityOrange says:

    Yep. I’ve got one of these. Documented it on my web site too!

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