The Future Is Full Of Bright Ideas + Big Robots At Maker Faire Shanghai 2021

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The Future Is Full Of Bright Ideas + Big Robots At Maker Faire Shanghai 2021


Roll up your sleeves and put on your x-ray specs, Maker Faire Shanghai returns this weekend! Last year the first Maker Faire Shanghai, hosted at Tonglefang, Jing’An District was a huge success, with 54 exhibits and around 12,000 visitors (impressive considering that few events were happening at all due to the pandemic).

Robots and drones, experiments, mechanical art sculptures, vehicle conversion, eco-design projects, pottery and woodworking, prototyping and digital manufacturing, 3D printers and hardware hacking were just a few of the exhibits visitors enjoyed during the two day event. With dozens of hands-on activities for young and old, Maker Faire created not just a great STEAM learning experience but something new for Shanghai.

Featured Makers and More!

Deep Dream Forest by MLB (Davide Rossi)

An art installation just by recycling empty plastic bottles. Inspired by the beauty of bamboo forests, I want to create the feeling to get lost in some magic space. During the Maker Faire participants will recycle their own plastic bottles and to be all part of the artistic creation process, building themselves part of the bamboo sticks.

我想创作一个艺术作品,只用回收利用的塑料。受到竹林的美的启发,我想创造迷失在魔法空间的感觉。在Maker Faire中我会让加入者用他们自己的塑料瓶参与到艺术创作当中,创作他们自己那部分竹林。

Tiandi – Rhino Alley

The “Rhino Alley” theme exhibition originated from the rhino protection design project carried out by College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University and Peace Parks Foundation. The exhibition was curated by Tongji Tiandi Innovation & Design Co., Ltd. We hope that through this exhibition and workshop, more people will know and love rhinos, and realize the significance of protecting rhinos, so as to actively participate in it.

同济天地策划的“犀犀里”主题展览来源于同济大学设计创意学院与南非Peace Parks Foundation开展的犀牛保护设计课题。希望能通过展览和犀牛工坊让更多人认识犀牛、喜爱犀牛,并且意识到保护犀牛的重要性,从而积极参与其中。

Face Topology by PONG

Topology is the study of geometrical and spatial relations unaffected by the change of shape or size of the figure. The sculpture displayed is the abstract of Michaelangelo’s David in the expression of face Topology. It is like the “QR code” of the real David in history, which can bear the uniqueness, beauty and even glory of the original person. Maybe you can contemplate and see your own image in face Topology in the Maker Faire!?

拓扑学是对人或物的自身几何和空间关係的研究。这关係不受形狀或大小的改变而受影响。这雕塑用人脸拓扑的方法展示了米开朗琪罗的大卫。这就好像历史上真实大卫的“二維码”,承载着这人的独特性,美学,甚至荣耀。或者你也可以在Maker Faire中沉思片刻找到你自己形象的拓扑!?

Electric Go-Kart by Fabrizio Frigeni

Electric motors are quickly replacing gasoline motors for vehicle power. Join the green revolution and promote clean energy!
Stop by to learn how electric motors work, how you can control them remotely, and jump on our home-made electric go-kart to experience its sheer power!

电动马达正在迅速取代汽油马达作为汽车动力。加入绿色革命,推广清洁能源!停下来学习电动马达如何工作,如何远程控制它们, 然后跳上我们自制的电动卡丁车,体验它纯粹的动力!

Snapmaker – Make something wonderful by yourself!

“Snapmaker 2.0 3-in-1 3D Printer” is a consumer digital manufacturing tool integrating 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC engraving and cutting. Whether you are an individual user, DIY enthusiast, steam educator, student or professional technical engineer, it can help you bring your ideas into reality. Snapmaker will show some interactive game project made by snapmaker 2.0 at Maker Faire, come and enjoy the fun of realizing creativity with us!

“Snapmaker 智能化三合一3D打印机”是一款集合了3D打印、激光雕刻、CNC雕刻及切割的消费级数字制造工具。无论你是个人用户,DIY爱好者,STEAM教育者,学生,还是专业的技术工程师,它都可协助你快速地将心中的创意亲手制作成现实原型。Snapmaker 将在 Maker Faire 现场展示由 Snapmaker 2.0 制作而成的互动游戏项目,和我们一起感受变现创意的乐趣吧

Maker Education

Parents now more than ever are researching school curriculums to see whether they have STEAM programs. At Maker Faire Shanghai, schools get a great opportunity to showcase their on-campus STEAM Labs and brand themselves as strong supporters of the PBL (Project Based Learning) education that fosters creativity and innovation.

Maker Faire Shanghai has a dedicated school zone with over 30+ International, Bilingual and Public schools, Universities and vocational colleges showcasing the very best inventions and creations from your on-campus STEAM labs. School operators get to meet with new students and their families up close and personal to boost admissions.

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