Tin Spiders, High Voltage, and Ridiculously Dangerous Art at Maker Faire Austin

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Tin Spiders, High Voltage, and Ridiculously Dangerous Art at Maker Faire Austin

This Friday I’ll be boarding a plane to Austin Texas to catch this years Maker Faire. Since the first Maker Faire Austin back in 2007, Austin’s event has quickly grown to be one of the more talked about Maker Faires. Always drawing a huge crowd, the local producers manage to keep it exciting with fresh sights and sounds every year.

Previous years I’ve been unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, but this year, I’m very eager to see what they’ve got. I’ll be hosting a panel on Saturday, focusing on the considerations people need to keep in mind when they’re creating dangerous art with things like high voltage electricity or fire. Joining me on this panel will be Joe DiPrima from Arc Attack, Tim Deagan, author of Make: Fire, and several other interesting makers who do incredible and dangerous things.

I won’t be on a panel all day, though. Here are a few sights I’m really looking forward to seeing while I’m there:


The Maker Fashion Show:

I’m not a particularly fashion minded person. However, I have been absolutely blown away by every Maker Fashion Show I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if people are integrating electronics or cobbling scraps together, it is always impressive and I walk away feeling like I’ve learned something.


Tin Spider

This incredible walking geodesic dome is such a joy to watch. It may move slower than you’re imagining, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it!

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Arc Attack

I’ve seen Arc Attack several times now. High voltage plasma arcing through the air to make rock n roll music will never, ever get old or boring. I’ll be watching them for sure.


Maker Faire Austin will be taking place on May 7th and 8th at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas. You can find out more information and get tickets here.


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