Tool Review: Pelican 1460 Toolbox


The Pelican 1460 toolbox is gloriously heavy and bulky precisely because it’s built to stymie a tank. Pelican has made a name for itself by manufacturing nigh-indestructible instrumentation cases that are adored by everyone from roadies to electrical engineers. The military use them. People ship their MakerBot 3D printers in Pelican cases.

So, it might be a little overkill to buy one to store your tools in — then again, maybe not. The 1460 toolbox is huge, measuring over 18″ wide and around 10″ deep and high. The two trays have enough compartments for all your stuff, and are big enough to accommodate a multimeter, and there’s room bellow the trays for hand tools like hammers. The whole thing is waterproof and buoyant up to a total weight of 82 pounds. No surprise, the shell packs a lifetime guarantee — but the trays do not.

I found the trays to be adequate for the task of organizing and storing tools and parts. I was able to fit a ton of stuff onto the trays, and the rest of my tools into the bottom of the toolbox. However, this makes for an enormously heavy case to lug around! However, anyone who buys Pelican is pretty much choosing protection over handiness. This toolbox is a tank!

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