Uber Tuber on MAKE: television

Just seven weeks until MAKE: television premieres. In the meantime, here’s one of our viewer-submitted Maker Channel videos. Ted and Zack make an instant French fry machine called the Uber Tuber. If you want to tell us about something you make, go to www.makerchannel.org

Make:’s Public Television premiere is in January 2009. Want to know when the series will broadcast in your hometown? Call your public television station and ask for “Viewer Services;” they’ll give you the information. And of course, we’ll also stream full episodes here on www.makezine.tv.

m4v, also on iTunes.

This is an off-spec use of PVC pipe, so if you make something like this, use caution. Choose fittings rated to withstand pressure, and wrap the pressurized parts in duct tape to minimize the risk of flying fragments in case of failure.

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