This Week in Making: Capacitors, Twitch, and Playing with Fire

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This Week in Making: Capacitors, Twitch, and Playing with Fire

“At the time of the discovery of the capacitor our understanding was so primitive that electricity was thought to be a fluid and that it came in two forms, vitreous electricity and resinous electricity.” To learn more about the history of the capacitor read Steven Dufresne’s write up for Hackaday.

Photo by Hep Svadja
Photo by Hep Svadja

Do you want to play with fire? Well, first you’ll need to get serious about propane.

Learn how to turn a basic ruler into a caliper.

After a long day of making, what could be nicer than soaking in a homemade, wood-burning hot tub. Alyssa and Jesse from Pure Living for Life share how you can make a rustic cedar hot tub for less than $1000.


If you’ve spent the past week walking around your town hunting for pokemon to capture, you may have had to deal with the annoyance of a low battery a lot more than usual. One pokemon trainer came up with a 3D printed pokedex case and battery pack for their phone.


Ya’ll know we got a Twitch channel, right? So far we’ve been streaming behind the scenes Power Wheels Racing Series builds, and a few demos from the magazine, and next week we will begin our “Meet the Maker” series by hosting Jimmy DiResta. Come join the conversation on Tuesday, July 19, at 11am PT.

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