Weekend Project: Mint Tin Amp (PDF)

Build a pocket amplifier for your headphones and put it in a “curiously strong” minty case.
Thanks go to Warren Young for the original article in Make Volume 4
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4 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Mint Tin Amp (PDF)

  1. julian bond says:

    There’s an alternate but related project in here somewhere. To create a portable boombox amp+speakers for you PMP. I’ve never seen the point of headphone amps as my iPod is capable of driving my headphones quite loud enough. But it doesn’t have enough punch to drive passive portable speakers.

  2. samurai1200 says:

    @ julian:

    headphone amps are really an item for audiophiles (like me). Mid to higher-end headphones (in the $100 to $5k range) greatly benefit from amplification, right down to selection of op amp/transistor and passive components.

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