Weekend Projects: Make A Wallet Out of Tape

In this Weekend Projects Video Podcast, Bre Pettis teaches how to make a wallet out of tape. It’s fun, it’s functional, and you probably already have the supplies on hand. Watch the video, go make a wallet, then take it to another level and make something out of tape that no-one has ever done! Make sure to check out the previous post with instructions for this wallet weekend project.

You can download Sketchup and go look at the plans for the wallet drawn in the google Sketchup warehouse. These sketchup plans aren’t fancy, but they are to scale. Use the tape measure tool to measure them in the sketchup virtual reality.

Click here to get the video (MP4) delivered automatically with iTunes. This video will play on PC/Mac/Linux/PSPs and iPod video devices – Link. HD, 3gp, Blip, and Youtube.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Projects: Make A Wallet Out of Tape

  1. TheThompsonFive says:

    What happened to the rodents?

  2. philliptorrone says:

    next week, the rodents arent cooperating :)

  3. Bre says:

    The electrons and rodents wouldn’t cooperate. I’m still working on that one!

  4. TheThompsonFive says:

    Are you doing that exercise wheel night light from the last issue?

    What do you think of that 1-1/2 sheet dingy from a couple of days ago for a weekend project, or does it all have to be stuff that will fit in Bre’s apartment? I’m working up the nerve to build it myself.

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